Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Census Night - 9 August 2011

Today, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is holding a Census to collect information about how people live, what work they do, religion, schooling, etc, to enable the Government to plan infrastructure, community services, schools, roads, hospitals, for where they are needed.

It is held every 5 years, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the first census held in 1911.
Every household is required to answer the questions either on paper form (these were delivered last week) or online, as it is compulsory.
People staying in hotels, camping places, hospitals or travelling around Australia will also be counted on Census night.

I feel very excited to take part in this Census, as it´s the first time I am being counted in a Census anywhere in the world!!

So goodnight,  I´m off to fill in my details online...


  1. In Portugal we have done the census on the 21st. April 2011.

  2. I enjoy doing the Census too! This was the first time I've been counted as an Aussie for 15 years - I only lived overseas for 6 years but I missed two census nights. And of course it's the first time ever for my German husband and our little boy to be counted. Yay!!

  3. The census was fun here...We were told it was in English online. Went on line to complete but the instructions were in Portuguese. I also wrote a post about it as we had some great fun!

  4. I will go read your post about the census in Portugal Piglet, that must have been funny not knowing what you were being asked...


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