Saturday, 30 May 2020

May Wrap-up

A week after restrictions were lifted on get-togethers from 2 to 10 people, on Sunday 3rd May, we joined W & L at their house that backs on to the Canning river for an outdoor Sunday barbecue. 
I baked a Creme caramel for dessert and took some home-made bread, and while there we observed adequate distancing.
It was a relaxing afternoon which ended with feeding the ducks and swans just before sunset.

  Creme Caramel and Home-made bread

The cormorants settling on the tree for the evening
On Mother's day, Sunday 10th I received a delivery of a bunch of flowers from my son. They had decided to wait one more week until meeting up with us.

On Monday 11th I had an appointment for a dental cleanup at my dentist, which had been booked about 6 months ago. I knew they had been closed, and 3 or 4 days before my appointment I got a call from the receptionist to say they would be re-opening the clinic on the 11th, and I would in fact be the first patient for Dr Ernest Yeo on the day. 
After being closed for 8 weeks, a few Covid measurements were in place, like hand sterilising on arrival, a 1 minute mouth wash before the Dentist touched my mouth, etc... but otherwise it was all normal.

On Saturday 16th, after 10 weeks without seeing the grandkids we finally met up at a park near my son's house to play with the kids.

On the evening of Sunday 24th, Perth was hit with what was dubbed the "biggest storm of the decade" to hit the Western Australian coast, a result of Cyclone Mangga interacting with a cold front in the southern Indian Ocean. 
Strong winds up to 100km/h (60 miles per hour) cut the electricity supply to about 47000 homes, and damaged fences, uprooted trees and a few houses lost their roofs.

Luckily even though the wind rattled our windows, we just lifted the blinds from our patio so as not to damage them and the only damage we had was a couple of overturned pots in the garden and the patio furniture cushions that flew to the garden.

The wooden jetty of Perth's iconic 1930's "blue house", the Crawley Boatshed, on the Swan River was submerged, as were a few jettys along Perth's rivers, and down south near Margaret River, the wooden bridge at Canal Rocks was damaged by the strong waves.

Canal Rocks bridge destroyed - we had been there in December (daugher Karina and son in law Thomas on the bridge, and the water submerged the jetty of Crawley Boatshed, here in March this year with friends from Portugal.

Today, 30th marks the second anniversary of our "Citizenship ceremony" at the City of Canning. Time certainly flies!

I was excited to receive my order of more paint from a Fusion Mineral Paint retailer - "Uncover the Gem", in Queensland, and Brooke always includes a little gift. This time it was a crochet dish cloth with a lovely message. 

I never got around to do much painting this month, just a few small things like the reproduction antique coal iron that I've been using as a bookshelf ornament for over 20 years , a square tray and a tea box.

I saw some amazing sunsets, sometimes from our back garden, other times while out for our late afternoon walks, and the other day just as I drove over the Canning bridge on the way home from work there was this amazing purple sky colour and I just got off onto the first street leading me to the Canning river, but by the time I got there the sun was gone and everything had changed, but I still got some nice photos.

From our backyard
On one of our walks in the neighbourhood
At the Canning river after sunset

The black swans
Two black swans were gliding along

I'll leave you with some flowers and wish you a wonderful weekend.


  1. ...I wonder when it will feel safe to be among my family, these driveway visits from a distance will have to do now!

    1. Enjoy the driveway visits Tom. Luckily Australia has done well and restrictions are slowly lifting.

  2. May was a wonderful month for you! You were very busy. I have not been very productive… I feel like I’m in limbo. Now that I have read this post, I feel inspired!!! : )
    Great pictures.

    1. Thanks Catarina, glad you felt inspired.

  3. I think the highlight in May would have been seeing your grandchildren Sami, I can't believe your granddaughter is a year old already, how fast the time flies, I remember how excited you were when she was born đź’ś Well we are one day away from winter I wonder what waits ahead for us in June xox

    1. Thanks Hrace, it certainly was the highlight of the month.

  4. What a wonderful month you have had, Sami. I guess you know I'm especially fond of the black swans and loved seeing your grandson on that rocking horse. Looks like you have lots of beautiful memories for the month including your second anniversary of citizenship ceremony. You have so much good in your life and getting together with your son and grandchildren may be the highlight.

    1. I enjoy seeing the swans too Elizabeth, they are so majestic gliding gracefully. Yes, the grandkids were the highlight of the month.

  5. Now Sami, I know that you are a very resourceful and enterprising woman, with a good deal of creative ingenuity, so I will look forward to learning how you plan to package a crĂŞme caramel and send it to me. I will certainly look forward to receiving it in due course! Congratulations on being able to enjoy family gatherings again.

    1. Sorry David, I think the creme caramel would not last the long trip, lol.
      Maybe if you visit Perth next time I'll make you one :)

  6. Another good monthly wrap up.
    I'm sure the best bit will have been seeing your grandchildren … very special.

    All the best Jan

  7. Good to hear about you being set free and having some great family and friend times. I think the world must now know about the blue boat house.

    1. Thanks Andrew, it was great to get back to almost normal. The blue house is getting famous for sure!

  8. Awww, the swans!
    Yes, weird! Ingo was allowed to go to the dentist, but the eye specialist canceled, where is the logic?! The latter would´ve been more important as Ingo might get eye-problems due to pancreatitis.

    We heard nothing of the cyclone over here.
    But we visited Tracy, it was shocking! The first time we had to leave in mid section (in the museum in Darwin they have a totally black room with noises of cyclon Tracy 1974 and I did panic, it was awful!).
    In Carnarvon we were on the jetty and learned later it was 120km/h - crazy! Maybe not on the jetty? It was no cyclone, "just" heavy wind.

    Yay for your citizenship, oh, lucky, happy you! :-) xx You look so proud, and rightfully, too!
    Wow, I cannot even remember when I last used our iron thingy. When nearly 100% dry I use my hands over the shirts and, bingo, looks like ironed. I am lazy ;-)

    Yours sure looks beautiful. And I love how you painted on the glass, too! Great idea!
    Oh, beautiful flowers, our neighbours have roses that nearly reach our balcony, I´ll take some pics later to share - warm enough to have a bbq!

    1. The black swans are always popular. My dentist opened last week, not sure about the opticians, but I think they've also just opened.
      The only things I iron are Jose's shirts, but not with that iron of course,lol. The glass is not painted Iris, those motives are cut out of paper serviettes - decoupage. Thanks for the Mon Cheri, a few melted on the way, but still eatable.

  9. We still can't gather more than 5 at a time. Dentists have plans to open shortly.
    Love your crafts you've been working on.

    1. The Government is hoping that by end of June everything should be back to normal business. Thanks Jackie.


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