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Driving around the Swan River coast

Monday, 6th of March was a public holiday, and with my husband home we opted for a car ride around Perth's Swan river to show the family Perth's nicest views and the most amazing houses!

We started at the point of the river closest to our suburb - Riverton and Shelley - and made our way around all the way to Fremantle, across to the northern suburbs and returned home about 6 hours later.

Our first stop, 1 on map at bottom was to admire some of the mansions built across from the river in the suburb of Shelley. (With few exceptions most houses are across the road from the river or beach as to allow everyone access to the facilities, without having to own a mansion). 

Extra large mansions around the river - top right shows the most expensive house sold in Perth for $57million (in Dalkeith, which is close to spot 7 on map)

Then on to stop 2 - Deep Water Point park in the suburb of Mount Pleasant where we stopped for an ice-cream at one of the food vans. For the first time ever I saw a UV meter which showed 9 which is in the danger zone! There was also a water station where you could fill up your bottle with normal or sparkling water for a small fee. The van where we got the ice-cream had a funny sign hanging inside (bottom right of photo).

Deep Water Point - water refilling station, UV measurement sign and funny sign found in ice-cream van

In Applecross - stop 3 - we stopped at one of the prettiest playgrounds south of the river - Heathcote Reserve, with great views across the city, wonderful playground and a small beach below. (You can read more about this park on this blog link).

Heathcote Reserve in Applecross - playground, beach and city views

Onto stop 4 - Point Walter Reserve in the suburb of Bicton, another great park, always full of people picnicking, playing sports, kite surfing, kids having fun in the water, and families having a bite to eat in the local restaurant
There is a tongue of sand that extends 1 km into the river hosting bird colonies. 
In the middle of the park there's a bronze statue "Habibi" by Ayad Alqaragholli, an Iranian born artist who's had a few of his works exhibited at the Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea. He had one of his works at this years exhibiton (2nd photo, top left of the blog post).

Point Walter Reserve - families having fun, paddling with the dog, sculpture 

After crossingn the river onto the north side of the city at Fremantle/North Fremantle - stop 5, we decided to have something to drink at the Dome cafe that sits on the river's edge. Again some mansions and the prettiest apartment blocks with river views.

Last year "The Freo rainbow" was presented by the artist Marcus Canning. This massive piece of public art, was made with 9 recycled containers, stands 9 mt high, 19mt long and weighs 66 tonnes.  I enjoyed it's view from both sides of the river, and it's certainly a joyful piece of art.

Freo Rainbow , metal reclining metal chairs in the public park next to a mansion, Dome Cafe on the river and our iced chocolate and chocolate cake.

Stop 6, was at the Bay view lookout, which is between the suburbs of Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove (among the fanciest of Perth's suburbs). It is the highest lookout over the Swan River, and from the top we could see Mosman's restaurant which perches on the river, the city in the distance, while a lot of sail boats floated by on this beautiful day.
The wall where we sat for a photo is full of commemorative plaques to those that died in the wars (I presume local residents).

Mosman's restaurant (second white building w/jetty), view of the city in the distance, my husband, SIL and I on the Remembrance wall and a lady paddling with her dog.

And we were headed for stop 7 on our tour - Claremont jetty, in the suburb of Claremont, where we saw lots of fishermen catching blue crabs. 
The long jetty was originally built in 1898 when goods were brought in to the area by ferries and barges, and it was renewed in 1991 and is now mainly used by fishermen.

Long jetty with Pelican on the lamp post, Blue crab, view of the bay, war gun and sun setting over the Swan river

The sun was setting by the time we finished our tour and returned home. It would have been interesting to know how many kilometres we travelled around the river, I'll have to take note next time...but it was a day well spent, my in laws loved the tour and were astonished with the size of the houses and boats we saw around the Swan river.
And this is how the other half live!

Hope you enjoyed the ride around the Swan River and you can follow the route on this map.

Driving around the Swan River

                                                                                                    6th March


  1. As a Perth-ite, I've thought of doing this drive but never have. Thankyou for showing us the Swan River from the shore, Sami. It is a beautiful part of Perth. Judith

    1. Thanks for your visit Judith. You should do it some day, it's really a beautiful drive with lots to discover.

  2. $57million! That is crazy!
    At Elizabeth Quay I saw a UV meter, too.
    That sure is a beautiful playground! Ours here mostly are quite dull.
    The Rainbow, always a pretty sight!
    I have fond memories of the old prawn jetty in Carnarvon. Reminds me of it.

    That certainly was quite a tour! 6 hours!

    1. Well, it was a long trip around the river with quite a few stopovers...
      Yes, someone was crazy or rich enough to pay $75 million. There was last year a penthouse apartment sold for $27,5 million too!!
      Never saw the UV meter at Elizabeth Quay, there's still things to be discovered...

    2. Those are numbers quite very far away from me!

    3. I think they are impossible for 90% of us!

  3. What a great tour. It was fascinating enough just seeing the houses lining the river from the ferry.

    1. We also did a ferry tour to Fremantle a few days later and it was also interesting. Thanks Andrew.

  4. There is a place in Montana called Swan Lake.
    Coffee is on

    1. Thanks for your visit Dora. Are there swans in the Swan lake? Enjoy your coffee.

  5. As someone who lives very far away, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip around the Swan River. I was most impressed by ther rainbow, because I am always about recycling. This looks like recycling at its best. Of course, I also enjoyed seeing the fancy and expensive houses. I think being on the water may have contributed to their high cost.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I really enjoy seeing where you live.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I agree the rainbow is recycling at it's best. The houses by the river are exorbitantly priced!!

  6. That is one of my lingering memories of our time in Perth, was the amazing houses!
    Wren x

    1. I know Wren, there are so many beautiful and amazing mansions...a lot of millionaires!

  7. My blog is on meltdown. I got to your blog because you didn't go through blogger. Right now I'm a mess, but I am SO grateful you visited.

    If you scroll to the VERY top of the page when you get to comments, the word "comments" should underline and you should be able to leave comments.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, still can't leave comments, no links function if I visit via my desktop. Will try with the mobile soon. Hope other visitors aren't having problems.

  8. Nice tour! I suppose the owners of the mansions are celebrities or very rich business men? They looked lovely anyway.
    The rainbow piece really brightens up the landscape with its colours.
    The only UV meter I saw was in the Gold Coast, so also in Australia. They should really spread to other countries, it's such a good and useful idea! (not that we need them here in Sweden!)

    1. Thanks. Sara, there are a lot of rich people here, hence the fabulous mansions. I also loved the rainbow, very striking piece of art. Australian cities certainly should have uv meters all over, although that's something that also gets announced on the daily weather news.

  9. Dearest Sami,
    Wow, that is quite a beautiful 6-hour loop to drive and enjoy.
    Love the city view, spectacular from that end.
    So much to see and visit and so unusual.
    For sure you created happiness for your family.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Thank you Mariette, the family loved the tour around the river. Have a great Sunday!

  10. Foi um belo passeio com imagens e paisagens espectaculares, gostei bastante.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

    1. Obrigada Francisco. As paisagens sao realmente espectaculares!


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