Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Weekend Decor and Open House Perth I

It seems the closer it gets to Christmas and with the weather getting warmer there are more and more activities happening in Perth. 
This past weekend we had Perth Open House, where over 90 venues were opened to the public for free, there was a Cheese Festival on the weekend too and on Sunday there was the World of Food Festival.
On Saturday I stayed home doing a few refurbishings at home, so I only managed to go to the city on Sunday...  I need a clone!!

Around the House & Garden

I bought some material with blues and grays to recover the seats of these two chairs, but that was a quick do - just unscrew the seat, cut the material and staple to the bottom. Voila, now it fits with the new decor!

On the left the old, and on the right the new material

I have also finally re-purposed  this old wooden frame with a poster I didn't want - spray painted the frame white, stapled the backing board and with a glue gun, glued a few shells and other beach stuff I found on the beach ages ago. It now hangs on my backyard wall.


My husband and I pressure washed our decking so we could set out the dining and sitting area ready for summer entertainment and Christmas. 
It was my idea to choose light gray composite decking boards, but unfortunately they get dirty very easily, or at least the dirt shows a lot more than if the boards were dark brown for example...

All the outdoor furniture on the grass, waiting for the decking to dry
All back in place and ready to go!


On Sunday I managed to visit a few of the sites on the Open House trail and then still managed to go and have a late lunch at the World of Food Festival in the Governor's House gardens.

1. Woods Bagot Building

On the corner of William and St George's street, the former Palace Hotel, was built during the gold rush in 1895. 
It was known for it's elegance and Victorian style features and it had the first lift in Perth. After a few owners the latest occupier is the firm of architects "Woods Bagot", and although they have a very modern decor, they have kept a lot of the building's Victorian features and even showcase some wooden furniture that belonged to the hotel.
In the next photos you will be able to see the some of the modern features as well as some of the building's original features - the wooden staircase, the lobby mosaic floor, statues, stained glass windows...
And what a great place to work!!

The former Palace hotel and the modern South32 Tower behind it.

Check the wooden sideboard that belonged to the Hotel on the bottom right! The glass ceiling in some parts lets you see the glass tower adjoining the old building.

The next visit was to the glass tower behind Woods Bagot building where two floors were opened - the 30th and the 51st floor.

2. South32 Tower

This triangular building  stands behind the Victorian Woods Bagot building.
Formerly known as Bankwest tower, Bond tower and R&I tower, it's a 52 story tower completed in 1988 and was Perth's tallest building until 1992, and is now the third tallest with a telecommunications tower of 48mt on top.
All open plan offices face the Swan River for amazing views, the building is clad with green tinted double pane glass, the 14 lifts are divided into zones that go from ground up to floor 17, floor 18 to 29 and from 30 to 51.
Another great place to work with wonderful views.

Old & new side by side with the Woods Bagot building adjoined by the South32 Tower
The views from the 51st floor over the Swan River
Part of the new Elizabeth Quay development, here is the new ferry station with a ferry docking

Next post I'll bring you a few more venues that I managed to see around Perth on Sunday.
Hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Perth's buildings.

                                                                                                                                 12 &13 Nov 2016


  1. Oh, wow, Sami, you got my high respect for all the craftwork!
    I think it´d take me way over an hour for repolstering a chair.
    Love the beach also!
    And wow, the verandah is awesome, too! Wishing you heaps of fun there :-)

    And a cheese festival, hmmmm....

    Perthies are really very good in having old and new side by side but I have to admit... the last views made my heart race, LOL
    It´s stunning but...
    Looking forward to the next post.

    1. Thanks Iris. I didn't go to the cheese festival in the end, just no time and also there was an entrance fee as it was a wine and cheese thing...but it was a pity as I love cheese.
      I used to feel scared with heights but I actually felt quite comfortable up there and it was an open verandah with high walls.

    2. Aww, pity about the cheese. A high wall helps, but I´d then be afraid to drop my cam a loooong way down.

  2. Hi Sami, I know that you are creative, but the chairs are beautiful. And I must grin a little bit: "...we could set out the dining and sitting area ready for summer entertainment and Christmas." We usually put the snow-shovel behind the main door ;-)Last weekend we bought defroster spray for our cars! In 3 weeks the (German)winter is over. ( will be a hard job, Perth 2016/17 ;oD

    1. Thanks Ingo. Yes winter starting there and Summer starting here! Hope you won't be suffering with the heat!
      After having lived in Europe for a few years it's strange to celebrate Christmas in the middle of Summer, it's just not the same.

  3. You are so right Sami, there's far too much stuff going on around Perth at the moment ☺ Love what you did with the chairs, reupholstering is fun, you can get a whole new look so easily. The Woods Bagot building is so nice inside hey. My tummy did a flip too looking at your last shots here ☺ it's such a drag having so many phobias! Are you going to any of the Christmas markets this weekend, Aimee and I hope to go on Saturday.

    1. Thanks Grace. Yes the Woods Bagot building was a real surprise! Are you going to the one in Forrest place? I have to see if I can - grandson due on the weekend...we were all hoping he would come earlier but it doesn't look like!

    2. Oh how exciting Sami, hope all goes well with the new arrival!

  4. I really like the concept of the Open House and I wish we had it here as well.
    The chairs look nice and more colourful and the frame with shells is a great idea! Just perfect for the summer in your beautiful deck.

    1. Thanks Sara. Yes, it's wonderful to be able to go and see the inside of buildings you never get to see otherwise.

  5. I am running late, but want to say how much I like the new fabric you used on the chair. And I have deck envy because not only is is large, it is beautiful, colorful, and well put together.

    Those buildings, old and new were both lovely. When I saw the outside of the Woods Bagot building, it reminded me of New Orleans and the French Quarter. Both buildings have lovely bits, including the views from the 51st floor. I am afraid of heights, but not there. It was a fantastic view.

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