Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Travelling with my overseas visitors - Denmark WA

My parents and a friend arrived from Portugal on the 2nd December to spend 5 weeks with us.
They hardly had time to recover from their long flight when I whisked them off to the south coast of Western Australia. 
We traveled to Denmark where we stayed for 6 days taking the opportunity to visit all the touristic sights around the area.

Denmark is a rural town with under 2500 residents and is an attractive town for retirees and people seeking a country lifestyle.
It's income comes from timber, cattle and dairy and in later years from wine producing due to it's fertile soil, with tourism being a growing business.

The weather turned cold as soon as we got to Denmark and we were thankful that our little rented cottage had a fireplace, it certainly got used every single night!

Our home for the 6 days was Francisca's Cottage - cosy, well decorated and well equipped too. It was situated in a quiet residential area surrounded by bush about 3km out of the town centre and 7km from Ocean beach.

Francisca's Cottage from the front

The cottage seen from the back garden

It was too cold and wet to go for a swim, but we managed to get clear weather to take some photos of Ocean's beach. It's a popular surfing beach, but only a couple of surfers braved the cold sea...

Grey skies...

Denmark's Ocean Beach, taken from the lookout - Inlet at the end, and surf live-saving club house at the top

Denmark is a very clean and tidy town

The Denmark River with the South Coast Highway Bridge
The park by the river had some friendly ducks that ate bread from our hands

The friendly duck couple waiting for food

On the Inlet the swans, ducks and pelicans were abundant
The "Man chair" outside a little boutique was a great idea - men can sit and read while the women shop!
The sign reads - Ladies shop without a care while he relaxes on this chair.
Outside  the Ocean Beach camping park we saw this quirky family of statues

On our last morning, when we returned the chalet's keys to the Denmark Visitor's centre, we noticed this map on a wall and it said we could pin our country or town if not yet pinned. So we put a pin in Portugal.

Stay tuned for more adventures around Denmark.


  1. The cottage looks lovely! Hehe, I´d say not only Denmark is very clean and tidy but whole WA (at least of how I remember from 1999).
    "The Man chair" sure is a great idea ,oh, how I wish we get that, too! Ingo gets especially whiney in winter. A cool room with such a chair would be perfect! (It´s a pain, the staff run around in t-shirts in some shops even! And you come inside from... I don´t have to explain to you...)

    Huuh. In the dark rather a creepy family I could guess!

    I like the idea with the pins!

    1. You're right Iris, in general Australia is quite clean.
      Yes, that man chair surrounded by newspapers and man-magazines should be everywhere!! Except in computer shops and hardware shops, then a "woman chair" should be available for us.


  2. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  3. What a beautiful area! It is interesting to me that there are so many places around the world named Denmark, including the country of Denmark. Even in the U.S. there are towns in many of the states that are called Denmark. How nice that you had 5 weeks with your parents and friend in travel!

    1. A lot of Denmarks around then! Yes, it was great to have my parents around for a few weeks, they traveled from so far away, I would say less than 4 weeks would be a waste.. Thanks Lynn.

  4. Dearest Sami,
    Too bad the weather was that cold but one can have bad luck. We had once visitors in June, our summer time but it was very cold. We can organize a lot for our visitors but not the sunshine and pleasant weather.
    Lovely area and the little home was no doubt a great place.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I agree Mariette, you can't control the weather. The cottage was very pretty.

  5. So funny this region is named Denmark, must have had some Europeans overthere. That beach looks stunning and to see some pelicans free walking in the park is so cute.

    1. Hi Marianne, yes the Europeans were here a long time ago, but it was actually named after a Dr Alexandre Denmark a friend and tutor of Scottish navy surgeon Thomas Wilson who discovered this area in 1829 when conducting an expedition from Frederickstown - later called Albany.
      There's plenty of pelicans around the river in Perth too. I love to see them.

  6. Denmark is one of the prettiest towns down south, I haven't been for ages. Love the look of the cottage Sami, bet your visitors had a wonderful time.
    P.s. thanks so much for supporting Aimee on her fund raising climb, much appreciated.

    1. My visitors loved everything about our trip down south. All of the South West is beautiful! It was a pleasure supporting Aimee, it's a great cause!


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