Friday, 22 January 2016

Travelling with my overseas visitors - Animal Farm in Denmark

Situated about 20km from Denmark on the corner of Scotsdale Road and McLeod Road, the Pentland Alpaca Stud - is obviously a popular destination. 
The entry price to the Animal Farm and Wildlife park was $14 for adults and $12 for pensioners which includes a bag of feed for the animals.
The farm also has a Craft Gallery and sells Alpaca garments. They are also Alpaca breeders as the name says and sell their animals.

There's set feeding times for some of the animals at 10am and 3pm and you can you can watch that.

Luckily for us there weren't many people around when we arrived, and as soon as we bought our tickets we were were handed an orphaned joey (baby kangaroo) to cuddle! Big smiles...

My Mom holding the joey

Outside some animals roamed around free and other were behind wire fences (probably not the best behaved ones...) but we were still able to pat and feed them.

My Dad patting a kangaroo

Me patting a koala
The couple of koalas they had there are Victorian koalas (from the State of Victoria), and live about 15 years. In Western Australia they aren't found in the wild. They eat eucalyptus leaves, which is very low in energy reason why they sleep up to 20 hours a day. They don't drink water either.

They also have alpacas and Llamas, which are originally from South America, but do very well in our WA climate, as well as camels, wolves, cows and horses, birds and a petting zoo with chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, pigs and a few other animals which are the kid's delight!

Our friend feeding the Alpacas

My Dad feeding the greedy goats
The curious Camel
The Scottish Highland Cow
The shy Wolf
The Galah (cockatoo)
Various rabbits
Guinea Fowl
A very naughty and  hyperactive baby goat
This strange bird sat indoors. I originally thought it was a kookaburra, but Grace has informed me it's a Tawney owl.    

We spent a couple of hours here and it was thoroughly enjoyable and of course to be able to see and touch some of the Australian native animals like kangaroos and koalas was the highlight of my visitor's day!


  1. That is nice to come so close to the animals and feed and cuddle them.

  2. Awwww, the joey sure is so cute! As is the koala, sooo soft and a bit oily, I found. Also love the Galah... and the baby goat, cute.
    The bird in the last pic looks very grumpy! But guess I´d do, too, if I had to stay inside all the time!
    Great you had such a wonderful time with your parents and friend.

    1. All small animals are cute isn't it Iris. I would have to agree on the birds being grumpy when indoors. We had a lovely time.

  3. Bem...Aqui está um parque que eu ADORARIA visitar!!
    Maravilha! Tão queridos os bichinhos!

    1. Ha outros identicos aqui perto de Perth tambem Sandra. Quando ca vier levo-a la.

  4. Super captures Sami, I can see why tourists love coming here. I have a feeling the bird in the last shot is an owl, a tawney owl I think.

    1. Thanks Grace. You're right, it seems to be a Tawney Owl. I forgot to ask the staff at the park when we were there.

    2. I can see your Mum and Dad would have had a wonderful time Sami, you really did show them so many lovely WA spots. They will have so many happy memories to take back with them.

  5. Love all the photos Sami. I visited there when my girls were little - it was beautifully presented.

    1. I think the park still looks very well cared for Wendy. I've been there 3 times in the last 9 years.

  6. Dearest Sami,
    That for sure was a highlight! Interacting with animals is always fun for young and old.
    Some great pictures of your parents! They will make fond memories over time. As for my, I'm having flash backs of my Mom's final days, 2015 as she passed away on the 27th a little after noon.
    She was here with Dad in 2005 for the last time. Only such photos bring back the memories and become treasures.

    1. Thanks Mariette. Quite true, the good memories are what we keep in our hearts. A big hug to you xxx

  7. So good to see the animals almost free to walk around and how nice that you could pat and touch some. I find those parks so much better than the big city zoos.

    1. I also prefer this type of park to zoos. It's so great to be able to interact with the animals.

    2. I also prefer this type of park to zoos. It's so great to be able to interact with the animals.


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