Thursday, 11 December 2014

Murals in Leederville

On Saturday, when I went to the Leederville Christmas Carnival, I came across some interesting murals.

The first one, I saw when crossing the footbridge from the train station over the Mitchell Freeway, and it was unveiled in June this year.
Painted by Perth artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers, located in a building at 50 Oxford Close, and it's entitled " The Giants View" - a double play on the view you get from the footbridge and the painted people looking out.
I can't believe I had never seen it while driving past on the free way though, maybe because I'm concentrating and not looking sideways...

In this post I have a photo of another of his murals in the city of Perth.
The Giant's View

The view from the footbridge at Leederville Station, with the mural on the right and city buildings in the background

While walking around the Christmas fair I came across this gigantic mural painted on the walls of the Luna Cinema building on the corner of Oxford and Vincent Street in Leederville.
It was already getting dark, so I didn't get a very good image, but the mural is magnificent!

Painted for the Christmas festival by Australian artist Fintan Magee, it shows three figures carrying heavy loads on their backs - depicting movement and displacement regarding Immigration in Perth's history.
From his site I see that he always paints giant murals.

Two weeks ago when I went to Angove Street in North Perth (suburb next to Leederville) to buy the homeopathic medication for my cat Baby at HAMPL, I also came across a couple of murals I hadn't seen. 

This next mural painted by another Perth artist George Domahidy - is on the corner of Angove and Daphne streets in North Perth. 
The owner of the building, Hank Ekamper, shared the costs with the Council of Vincent. Finished in February 2014, the mural depicts the trams that used to run down this street in the olden days. 

Another mural painted by George Domahidy, also in North Perth, on the corner of Angove and Woodville streets, was for the Angove Street Festival in October 2013, and was also partly funded by Hank Ekamper, the building's owner. (I read somewhere the total budget for this mural was $4000).

And to end this post, is the photo of a mural I saw at the Leederville Christmas Festival, at 140 Oxford street, painted by Graphite Crew on the walls of Unison clothing.

It looks like the Northern suburbs have a lot of interesting walls that we don't get in the Southern suburbs...

An interesting selection of murals and some very talented Perth artists too.
What do you think?


  1. Concentrating and not looking sideways when driving a car is wise - I have trouble with all the Christmas-decorations in Wolfsburg atm...
    The couple looks like Innuits?
    Magee´s painting truly is amazing with that size and precision! Domahidy´s, though... that haircut, uh-oh!
    To answer your question, Sami: Yes, you truly have some talented artists in Perth - can you send them over to one of your old home-towns? ;-)

  2. Innuits, I hadn't thought of that, but actually yes, they do!
    I was amazed with Magee's huge painting.

  3. wow those are amazing and very realistic.

  4. A lot of talented artists Gill.

  5. So right Sami, I was in the city this morning it was fantastic, so much going on, got heaps of fab pics to share. The good news is that Form are organizing another big mural fest like last years, more big international names coming to brighten up Perth :)

  6. Yes I know, that will be fantastic Grace.
    Perth is becoming quite a lively city...

  7. Há pessoas muito talentosas! Que perfeição nos traços. Tenho pena de não ter jeito para desenhar...
    Bom Natal, Sami!

    1. Sou um bocadinho artistica, mas nada como estes...
      Obrigada pelos votos de bom Natal, igualmente para voces Sandra.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog--Merry Christmas to you too! I am fond of street art as well. Love the martian one at the end.


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