Monday, 1 December 2014

Anniversary Weekend

My 34th Wedding anniversary was on Sunday 30th Nov. I had wanted to have a little party like I usually do, but first of all our backyard is under "construction", as we're building a deck, the grass has been removed, there is soil everywhere....
Secondly, I have been under a lot of stress with my cat  being sick and with me spending so much time syringe feeding her, a couple of hours daily, I have hardly had time to look after myself or the house...

My husband and I on our 34th Wedding anniversary, with the Governor's house in the background
So we decided we would join our son and daughter in law at the "World Food Festival" being held at the Gardens surrounding the Governor's house in the city, at lunch time, and then in the evening my husband and I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant.

The Govern's House and huge garden

The fair was quite popular, I had never been there before, and for the first time there was a Portuguese tent selling  "Bifanas" a type of sandwich with pork meat, "Espetadas", a traditional recipe of meat kebabs from Madeira and of course the much loved "Pastel de Nata" or Custard tart.

Unfortunately they had run out of the tarts, so we joined the long queue at the French tent to order some Crepes. They were very popular, as the waiting time to get your order was around half an hour, but they were worth the wait!!

The French certainly had the most stylish tent with a red carpet leading up to it, the chefs wore chef's hats, a nice printed menu, nice display shelves for French products on sale...
All very professional.

Red carpet treatment

The chefs wearing their stylish hats

The Crepe Menu - sweet or savoury

The Dutch tent 

Another thing I came across in the South African tent were some fizzy drinks I hadn't seem for ages, like Fanta Grape, Cream Soda and the Grapetiser (you can buy Appletiser in some shops in Perth - fizzy apple juice). They also sold Boerewors (South African sausage) and biltong (dried cured meat, like beef jerky).

I'm not much of a soda drinker, but I had some Grapetiser

The grounds at Governor's house

There is a lake, fountains and ducks in the gardens

PS - I'm pleased to say that my cat "Baby" seems to be making some slow progress.
Last night I put her in her basket and took her to bed with me and while stroking her nose she started purring. Today she miawed and she followed my husband to the garden and sat next to him while he did some work. 

Maybe the homeopathics are starting to slowly work. I hope so, as I was about to give up on Saturday...

I still have to syringe feed her, but today I bought a "Nutribullet" at Big W, so that I could puree real food like chicken, kale, pumpkin, etc to give her so she can get the vitamins needed for good liver function - like vitamin E, K and B12, and hopefully she will put on some weight and eat real food, instead of just getting the tinned pureed cat food from the Vet.

So I'm able to relax a bit...


  1. Sounds like you had a great Sunday, congrats again!
    I had biltong , too. From one of Perth´s SA-shops :-)
    Haribo sure ain´t French, though, it´s from Bonn, Germany.

    All the best wishes for Baby recovering! It must be so hard...

  2. Happy anniversary - that sounds like a lovely day. we have a butcher here who makes boerewors but it is just not the same. I am so glad that your baby is getting better.

    1. Thanks Gill, we usually buy them at the South African shop, but even the boerewors at the IGA are good. I'm also glad Baby is slowly getting better.

  3. Happy anniversary, Sami. You two look very happy and well matched. Thank you for writing about the food festival.... I've become an armchair traveller and your blog is one of my faves.
    Happy to hear that your fur bahby is getting better.

    1. Thanks so much Nan, glad you love to travel through my blog.

  4. Congratulations, Sami! Sorry to hear about your cat, hope he will recover soon.

    1. Thanks Jose. My cat is slowly getting better...let's hope it lasts.

  5. Belated happy anniversary Sami.. sounds like you had a fun day. I must admit i always gravitate towards the French crepe tent also, they do look smart in their chefs hats! So happy to hear your pussy cat is rallying round.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for continued progress.

    1. Thanks Grace. The French did look smart. My kitty is improving slowly...I hope it continues.

  6. It sounds like a good celebration, Sami (and especially the news about your cat). Congrats to you both and many happy years to come. I would have had a terrible time choosing which pancake! :)

  7. Thanks Joanne, my first choice for the crepes - The Eiffel Caramel - was already out of stock! But the Romantic was also good.
    My cat is slowly improving...

  8. Look's like you guya had an wonderful time in here..and congratulation to both of you.

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