Monday, 13 October 2014

Towards a vibrant Fremantle

On Friday 10th, we were invited to the inauguration of our friend's new small business opening at MANY6160 in Kings Square, Fremantle, just across from the City council.

One of the shop windows

Another one of the  shop windows

I must say that even though I do go to Fremantle every 3 or 4 months I had no idea this former Myer store, vacated last year, had been developed by Spacemarket into a modern hub for unique shopping, with small or new businesses that want to become known, but don't want to take a high risk or spend lots of money by setting up their own business.

On the ground floor you can find all sorts of small retailers selling from hats, vintage clothing, hand make children's clothes, leather shoes, belts and handbags, an hairdressing salon, a coffee shop, a hat shop, home-wares, beauty products, etc.

The basement and first floor is used by artists, sculptors, surf board makers, furniture makers, fashion designers, etc. Either their pieces are available for sale on the shop floor or you can commission them to create a piece for you.

The 4000 square metres rooftop area will be developed as an event space with an urban garden, a bar city city views, eating areas, and perhaps a rooftop cinema.

Apparently some businesses have done so well, that they have gone on to open their own private shops in Fremantle, which means that there are always new retailers.

Our friends little store is named Corker, selling ladies bags, wallets, umbrellas, aprons, sitting puffs, etc. The products are imported from Portugal and make of cork, therefore natural and earth friendly, as well as being quite beautiful and different.

A piece of natural cork (to the left of the vase) can be seen on the table

A variety of  cork bags in various colours and shapes

Don't you just love these Pouffs?

As I walked around the shop floor looking at the wares of the various retailers  I came across artist Anya Brock's studio with her trademark colours, which are very much to my taste.
I have mentioned her before, as she was one of the artists at the Form Street Art Festival in April this year (read the article on the above link).

Anya Brock paintings

Another favourite retailer was Peaches and Clean, selling handmade soaps, skin and body care products and soy candles. I bought a Coconut and Lime candle that smells divine!

The floor managers are Kate and Matt from Kate and Abel, self-taught milliners who moved from the UK to Perth. They also run the Coffee shop.

There was live background music during the event that lasted from 6pm to 9pm, and each retailer had wine, beer and nibbles for their guests.

There was also a mobile Pizza oven just outside the main doors, and they seemed to be quite popular with the visiting crowd. The only complaint, would be that they only sold 2 types of pizza - vegetarian or meat (very little meat) pizza, but their thin crust was great!

I leave you with some more pictures of the event and if you ever go to Fremantle, pay MANY6160 a visit and support small business and crafts people.

The retailers are open to the public from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10AM to 5PM.


 This work of art at one of the entrances to the store, entitled "Chairheap" using old chairs was for sale, and the highest offer would receive it after the end of the exhibition.

As we went back to our car parked in the garage behind the MANY building I noticed this parking area and charging station for electrical vehicles, which I thought was very cool.
I have been told there are more in the city, but it was the first time I came across it.

(I forgot to take my camera, so all photos were taken with my mobile, hence the low quality)


  1. One more tick on my Perth 2015-list, thank you, Sami!
    Bags of cork, that sounds as fascinating as the fish-skin-purses I saw in Esperance (and sadly did not buy one for my Mum).
    I´ll definitively have a look and maybe a great pressie for SIL (and myself?). Great idea!
    And, by golly, you got me drooling over that Pizza!

    1. Fish skin bags, I haven't seen those and I was in Esperance once!
      I'm sure you'll love that alternative shopping area in Fremantle. The cork bags are great, not cheap, but certainly cheaper than many leather bags I've seen and totally unique!

  2. It looks like a great place to spend an afternoon, especially with all the "crazy-art" items. I would definitely go there given the chance.

    1. I agree Sara, I'm sure that I know that area exists I'll pop around once in a while to see what's new!

  3. I really like both shop windows on top.

    1. They are quite different from the usual shop windows.

  4. Much better use for such a big building than when it was Myers don't you think Sami.. much more of a community involving project. I hope your friends business takes off and does well, love the look of the handbags.

    1. Yes, I do like the way they re-used the building. I think my friend's will do well with their cork business, they have really interesting stuff!

  5. Gosto muito deste tipo de espaços que potenciam o conhecimento e divulgação de gente talentosa e empreendedora. Encontramos sempre peças muito criativas diferentes, únicas.
    Em Lisboa, surgiram também espaços assim.
    Boa sorte para os seus amigos! As carteiras e as malas são muito bonitas! Bom gosto!


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