Saturday, 4 October 2014

The new state of the art Hospital has opened

After a few costly delays, 10 years in the planning, and 5 years of construction at a cost of $2 billion Australian dollars, the biggest public hospital in Western Australia, and one of the best in Australia - Fiona Stanley Hospital  - was inaugurated this Saturday (4thOct 2014) and is set to transform health care in our State. 
The hospital grounds cover an area equivalent to 4 city blocks, has 3600 parking bays and 6300 rooms.

Named after Professor Fiona Stanley, a leading researcher into kids health and birth disorders such as cerebral palsy, Australian of the Year in 2003, founding Director of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research , she is a highly deserving person to receive this honour.

Prof. Fiona Stanley

The Rehabilitation Centre was the first department to open, with over 200 patients being transferred from the Shenton Park campus of Royal Perth Hospital, which will close after operating for 121 years, having started as a Tent hospital!

Other departments of the 783 bed facility will open in various phases until March 2015, with the Emergency Department opening on 3rd February 2015 with the closing of the Emergency Dept. at Fremantle Hospital.

The Pool of the Rehabilitation Centre

This state of the art hospital will have many features unavailable at other hospitals, such as-
82% of the wards will be single rooms with a window and bathroom facilities.

Each bed will have an entertainment unit, which can be used to watch TV, listen to Radio, make a video call and can be used by the Doctors to access the patient's medical files, x-rays or blood results. Patients will also be able to order their meals from the super-modern kitchen facility. 
Internet and games can be accessed on these units at a fee.
A behind the scenes tour of Fiona Stanley Hospital one week before it opens. Picture: Jus
The entertainment unit/patient's medical file

In the 40 bed Intensive Care Unit - ICU - instead of curtains separating the beds,there will be "smart glass" which turns opaque for privacy at a flick of a switch.
There is a courtyard which allows up to 2 patients to be treated outside! Imagine someone who is in hospital for a couple of days or weeks, I'm sure they would love to breath some fresh air and see the sunlight even though they are attached to some machines!

Outside in the ICU courtyard

A $450,000 children's playground in the rooftop is another great feature. It was donated by the builder (Brookfield Multiplex) and 35 of it's sub-contractors, and features colourful gardens, a wall mounted piano, binoculars and stainless steel mirrors. I'm sure it will be appreciated by the sick kids.

A fleet of 18 Automated guided vehicles (robots) will do most of the heavy jobs at the hospital, such as delivering meals and linen, collect waste, etc. 
It takes the machines 6 minutes from the kitchen to the wards, with the meals getting dropped into the service areas of each ward, and inserted into reheating units before being handed to patients.
The kitchen is expected to cater for 80 different diet types. Poor cooks and kitchen staff!!

An AGV robot

Various works of art are staggered through the gardens, creating reference points and also inviting patients and visitors to touch and discover.
One of the artworks in the Rehabilitation gardens - by Judith Forrest
Another piece of art in the garden - by Judith Forrest
This giant art work in the main lobby serves as a sitting area too

An artificial lake in the grounds of the hospital
Aerial view of the Hospital grounds

Fiona Stanley Hospital is located 15km from the Perth city centre in the suburb of Murdoch and 9km from Fremantle,  with easy access to the Kwinana Freeway and a short walk from Murdoch train/bus station and also located next to the Saint John of God, Murdoch Hospital (a private hospital) and Murdoch University.

WA Premier Colin Barnett Professor Fiona Stanley AC and Kim Hames MLA unveil a plaque at
At the official opening today - Prof Fiona Stanley and WA Premier Colin Barnett (left) and Health Minister for WA, Kim Hames (right)

I hope I don't have to use a hospital in the near future, but if I have I know I will be well looked after in this modern hospital, don't you think so?

* All photos used in this post were taken from the internet.


  1. Wow! I really wonder how come some people think Germany is advanced - we sure are far, far away from anything like this! I refuse to say it´s great since I hate the pure smell of hospitals, but I agree - if I ever need one I hope I´m in Perth then!

    1. I'm sure if it's needed you will get a state of the art hospital there too. Our Royal Perth Hospital in the middle of the city couldn't cope with traffic, lack of parking for visitors, lack of a new one was needed!

    2. Frankly... no, I don´t think so, there´s no money for this... nor the idea, which is even more sad!
      Are those grapes, btw, in your new background? Thanks again for not taking snow! ;-)

    3. They're not grapes Iris, it's a flower, photo taken at the Kings Park spring festival.

  2. It's a little further for us up here north of the river, but oh my what an amazing hospital! What a fab post Sami, I've been feeling so sorry for myself that I didn't even realize it was opening :) It's almost more like a hotel than a hospital.

    1. Luckily for me it's now closer to my place as Fremantle Hospital was, it's just 10min down the road! It does look like and have all the mod cons of a fancy hotel...
      Hope you're now feeling better Grace.

  3. What a fantastic arquitecture! Love the building.

    1. Thanks Jose, it's an impressive building!

  4. It is great to see technology being used in this way and not just in fancy phones! Once I met a group of portuguese scientists that applied spider webs to create smart glasses. I think it was just for fun, but just in case don't tell the patients ;)

    1. Hadn't heard of that one about the glasses, thanks Sara.

  5. It sounds, and looks, amazing, Sami! Love the playful element coupled with state of the art technology.

    1. Hi Joanne, the statues looks quite funny if you think they are in a hospital environment, but maybe that's the reason, to bring some fun and happiness to the patients and visitors.

  6. Que espectáculo de Hospital, Sami! Nunca tinha visto nada assim!
    Gostei imenso de conhecer. 5 estrelas!


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