Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Street Art transforms Perth - Part 2

After the visit to Wolf Lane (see previous post) I went to see the pictures hanging in the Form gallery in Murray St, painted by some of the artists participating in the Street Art.

Picture on the right by Stormie Mills

Back on the street and another little side lane - Prince Lane - and more murals adorn the old brick warehouses.

The Lost Giant, by Stormie Mills
These next 3 photos represent the fashion of Kings Street and was painted by six West Australian artists -Leanne Bray, Denise Brown, Paul Caporn, Jae Criddle, Clare McFarlane and Stephen Genovese. 

Back in Murray street, (between Shafto and Prince Lanes)  seven Perth artists called Last Chance (Daek William, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Sean Morris, Tim Rollins, Ryan Bosario, Ian Strange, Martin E. Wills, Jedda and "E.C.S".) collaborated on the paintings around the street level car park walls.

Work by Perth artist Stormie Mills

halfway through the mural by Last Chance

On right - colourful mural by "Vans the Omega" from Adelaide and Beastman from Sydney

Some artists still at work in the Murray St car park - by Gaia

And now we come to the main show pieces of this exhibition - at the end of the car park, behind a wire fence is this 6 storey high building with the main entrance in Wellington St. 
The works of Roa (Belgium) and Phlegm (UK) covered the side walls. Roa was still busy finishing his masterpiece when I photographed it on Sunday (13 April).

ROA on the left still at work atop a cherry picker and the work of Phlegm on the right
More detail on the scales of the snake
A mural done by PHLEGM

part of the mural by Phlegm, to the left on the previous photo

The above 2 pasted interactive murals are by Jordan Seiler from the USA

Some of these artists probably started out as graffiti artists in their youth, defacing 
walls and trains, what most of us consider to be vandalism but they have now turned their lives around and now exhibit their work in walls all over the world.

Apparently it has been shown that this type of wall art deters graffiti tagging and protects property.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the first street art project in Perth.


  1. So very different and totally amazing! Thanks for sharing! ~Terri

    1. Thanks for visiting Terri, although not all of them are to my taste, they are still amazing works of art from people who paint with spray cans!

  2. More great pieces, wonderful!
    Love especially the little crown on the sad Prince - and the dresses, cleverly made! Some are rather disturbing to me, though. Still, can´t wait to them for real :-)

  3. I thought the crown on the Prince looked cute, and also the fact that it the Prince was painted in Princes Lane. Some of those weird monsters are too much for me too, a bit scary!

  4. Giríssimos murais! Que sorte ter apanhado o ROA em plena acção.

    1. Realmente ainda estive la a tempo de o ver terminar o mural. Obrigada Jose.

  5. All of them are really good, but somehow my favourite was the one with the colourful dresses.

  6. Hi Sara, it looks like a dressmaker's pattern. I also thought it was cute.


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