Monday 28 April 2014

Street Art in Glenelg

I hope you had a Good Easter and hopefully you were lucky enough to enjoy a mini holiday.

I have just returned from a short Easter break in Adelaide, South Australia and while walking around in Glenelg, a seaside suburb 10km from the city centre, I was excited to came across this mural by Adelaide born street artist "Vans the Omega", one of the artists that recently participated in the Form street art in Perth.

Vans the Omega - mural in lane off Partridge Street, just before Jetty Road

A few other murals I saw in Glenelg lanes.

This one on the wall adjoining the Haigh"s chocolate shop in Jetty Road

 In the next posts I will bring you some more highlights from my visit to Adelaide>
Enjoy your week.


  1. Beautiful! I really, really wonder how long it´ll take to make it over here...

    1. Can you paint with a spray can? Maybe you can start the trend Iris. (lol) Well maybe one day a graffiti artist over there will see these and will get the idea.

  2. Muito bons! O primeiro mural é brilhante.

  3. Gosh street art is big everywhere Sami.. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

    1. Street art seems to be in fashion Grace, it's everywhere now!


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