Sunday, 13 April 2014

Street art transforms Perth - Part 1

Today (Sunday) I went into the city to check out the FORM Public art festival, which started on the 5th April and runs until today.
This is the first time this type of street art festival is held in Perth, and it included talks, music shows and food tents.

Building walls up to 10 storey high and some laneways in the CBD and in Northbridge were enlivened with "graffiti art" done by more than 40 national and international street artists like the renowned ROA (Belgium), Phlegm(UK), Stormie Mills  (Australia), Gaia (USA), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Jaz (Argentina), Kyle Hughes-Odgers  (Australia), Vans the Omega (Australia), Anya Brock, etc.

These murals will hopefully last for a while making our city more vibrant and energetic!

As I came up the escalators of the Perth Underground Station onto Murray Street I was greeted by a male chorus - Vocal Evolution. I stayed for a while listening to their melodic songs. Wonderful stuff, makes you feel good!

Around the corner in Forrest Chase Square a Butcher's competition was being held, with free meat tasting (cooked, not raw).

Meat tastings to vote for Best Butcher and donations to "Lifeline"
Superman made an appearance at this stall, not very visible but behind him there was a "green lady"

Well, it was time to walk around and see the Street Art!
Around the corner from the Underground train Station in William Street, I spotted some artworks in Globe Lane, that links to Forrest Chase behind the station (these two weren't part of the FORM project though, they have been here a few months already).

Globe Lane - 10 x 10mt work by Kyle Hughes-Odgers in 140 William st building
 Globe Lane - Phibbs - painted in Oct 2013 in 140 William St building.
By Argentinian  artist Hyuro
 done by Anya Brock - a Perth artist

Dolphin Fish, by Amok Island, a Dutch born artist living in Perth
Shrink, a Perth artist painting his mural on the walls of the
Secret garden Cafe

On the left, Telepathy, by Hurben from Perth
Artist - ELK, from Melbourne
Anya Brock (from Perth)
Mural by Martin E Wills, from Perth, in a garage off Wolf Lane

By Lucas Grogan from Melbourne

Maya Hayuk (USA)

Dragon by Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico)

The  artist finishing her mural -  Argentinian Artist Hyuru

Some of the artworks at the end of Wolf Lane

In the next post there will be more photos from this street art exhibition.
I have read that street art, although a form of "graffiti" actually protects the walls from vandalism from "ugly graffiti".

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday! Once again we had a beautiful day with a high of 33C, a wonderful Autumn day! The forecast for the rest of the week is in the high 20's, reaching 31C again next Friday.

This "Wolf" on the corner of Wolf Lane Bar, was actually painted by Perth artist Hurben in July 2012.


  1. Wow, great pieces of art, can´t wait to see it for real, thanks for sharing! Was it initialized by the City? Did the artists get payed by the City? The "form" site is rather... complicated to me...

  2. Hi Iris, although it's the first time in Perth, these artists paint in all big cities - New York, London, Miami, Barcelona...
    They were commissioned to paint by "Form" a not for profit organization, lots of sponsors came on board, so I presume the artists would get paid something. Some of them travel the world with their "street art", others exhibit in galleries. Form had to get authorization from government agencies, owners of buildings, etc for the artists to paint on those surfaces.

  3. Oh, Sami, well.... guess Braunschweig will not get on their list then ;-)
    Sad, we could need some art here!

    1. I'm actually surprised they came to paint in Perth, usually these type of events go to bigger cities like Sydney or Melbourne... We were lucky this time!

  4. Brilliant art work Sami, looks so good. Will have to get into the city and check it out.


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