Sunday 16 February 2014

Weekend renovations

I had seen a few Paint chip calendars on Pintrest and liked the idea of something like that for my study/craft room. 
Because I wanted different colour paint chips  in shades of pink, I had to go to the hardware store a couple of times until I had enough to complete my calendar.

I had a picture frame that wasn't being used, so I removed the picture and spray painted the frame in white.
I bough a sheet of white cardboard, cut it to size, cut the paint chips into the required shape and assembled them from light to dark colours.
With a plastic stencil ruler I wrote the numbers and letters and assembled the picture frame again.
It's useful to remind me of birthdays, accounts to pay, etc in that specific month, I just have to wipe the glass clean and write in a new month, when a new month starts.

From this....

To this - my paint chip calendar

In my bedroom I reorganized my jewellery atop my chest of drawers. 
I used to have my earrings and other bits and pieces in a glass jar, which made it difficult to find the earrings I wanted.
Using little glass bowls I found at the Thrift store for which I paid about $2 each, 
I organized them into silver, gold, and other colours and a bowl for bracelets, rings and lapel pins. Now they look good and are easier to use.

From left to right, front to back - silver, gold, bracelets & pins and colour earrings

I made this necklace organizer probably about 10 years ago, when I used to own a picture framing shop in Portugal.
A piece of MDF board is attached to the back of the frame and then I screwed on silver cup hooks to hang the various colours separately.
Since my collection is growing, I took the hooks out and screwed on a few more, closer together,  to enable me to hang more necklaces. The top row holds the long ones, the bottom row holds the short necklaces.

A bit disorganized ....
Now with more hooks and necklaces organized by colours
Another job I ticked off the list this weekend was painting the family room walls.

We had an old air-conditioner unit that was removed in December, and the hole in the wall which adjoins the garage was bricked up and rendered by a tradesman, as this was something my husband couldn't tackle!

The old air-con had sat there for over 6 years since we bought the house, so I was super glad to see it gone at last!!

Of course now the wall had a patch on it, and finally I found some time to paint it. 
Of course since the room had last been painted 6 years ago, the white was now cream, so the whole room was painted, in white with a One-coat paint.

After the paint dried, it was time to put some pictures on the wall, and I decided to hang my "African" pictures on that wall. Some of those pictures painted by me were still wrapped up in the garage since our move....
Now the room looks brighter and my pictures are displayed for me to enjoy!

The ugly air-conditioner unit when this room was used as a dining room

The rendering of the wall left a white patch on the wall, so the whole room had to be painted
My African lounge - painted, pictures hanging and ready to be used again!

From left to right - A picture with African animal figurines that I framed, African woman in pencil (given to me by a friend), above 2 postcards with African sunsets, and framed in black are two of my oil paintings, and the Tiger also painted by me in oil.

Even though it was a busy weekend I enjoyed seeing the results of my work.
Hope you had a great weekend. Did you do anything interesting?
Have a great week.


  1. Adoro o resultado final da sala. Os quadros ficaram o máximo! E a Sami é uma pintora e pêras! As pinturas a óleo estão espectaculares:)

    1. Paula - obrigada pelo elogio, ha imenso tempo que nao me dedico a pintura, que gostava imenso e ao mesmo tempo era um passatempo relaxante!

  2. Love the results of your hard work Sami you have really transformed that space into an inviting spot to relax. Gosh your paintings are amazing, so happy they are out of the garage and up for all to enjoy.

    1. Thanks Grace, as I said to Paula, it's been a while since I dedicated myself to painting.

    2. You should definitely try and find more time to include painting Sami, seems a shame to waste that talent.

  3. Oh that looks awesome - you are so talented. In my living room I have two batiks that I bought in Tanzania. They also have bits of the red and yellow that you have picked out for your cushions. Unfortunately my batiks have faded (or maybe there is a bit of mildew on them) I need to clean them, and/or brighten them up a bit. seeing what you have done has inspired me.

  4. Thanks Gill - you should clean your batiks, and hang them. I love African batiks they are always so colourful. I have two in tones of orange that a friend brought me from South Africa, but I have still not framed them.

  5. Wow, that sure was a busy weekend, with great outcomes, too - fantastic ideas! And so much jewellery ;-)
    Love your artwork, did you ever think of painting as a job?

  6. Thanks Iris, I was feeling energetic!!
    Unless you are a well known artist, I don't think you make much money from art unfortunately. I will have to stick to the day job!

  7. Hi Sami, Im in love with your paint chip frame! And love how you have organized your jewelry especially your necklaces all hanging up so pretty :-)

  8. HI Amie, the paint chip frame was quite easy to do, you can always use different patterns and sizes of paint chip cards.

  9. Wow, you did all that in a weekend? I love the calendar idea! It's really cute and definitely useful. You African room looks so cozy now. I can imagine you and your family have a nice chat and relaxing in it.

  10. Thanks Sara. I like the room too, it used to be an awful room with the brown air-conditioning unit sticking out...


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