Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hillary's Harbour and "Stevensealberg" is gone...

A few days ago Perth was alerted to the fact that a two tonne Elephant seal had come ashore at Sorrento Beach, north of the city near Hillary's Harbour.

The seal became an instant star and since then, around that suburb there has been unusual traffic chaos, illegal parking, and a stamped of people visiting the beach, to see the famous seal dubbed   "Stevensealberg".

The two tonne seal, an unusual sight in Perth's beaches was a star for a few days. 
On Friday evening  the seal swam away, but by Saturday morning it was back to the delight of onlookers.
Sadly today (Sunday) I took the drive north to Sorrento beach, about 40km from my home and after having found a parking space almost in the next suburb, walked and walked until I reached the beach and no seal to be seen. 
Lots of young parents and disappointed kids about, everyone questioning every one else where the seal was.
Gone the night before! What a disappointment!!

(picture from internet)

So I had to content myself with taking some photos of Hillary's Harbour and the beach and then I was on my way further north to visit a friend and spend the afternoon with her.

Luckily the seal wasn't the only attraction, as it was a very hot day again, and swimming in the cool sea was another alternative for the disappointed crowd.

I got sunburned just from maybe half an hour of walking on the sand while searching for the elusive seal!

Hopefully the seal will return and continue to delight the crowds!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of Hillary's  and the cool beach. 
Have a wonderful week.

The parking around Hillary's Harbour was full

The kids beach at Hillary's is shallow and safe

There are also some water slides for the more adventurous

As usual there are a few covered areas with tables and benches and barbecues
Man made lake, with fountain and waterfall in newly built suburb in Hillary's
This lovely area was in a newly built suburb with a man made lake.  Can you see the bird on the rail?
The bird on the rail - a great Cormorant (a fishing bird)


  1. "Stevensealberg", oh that is cute and clever!
    Hope he comes back!
    Oh, that beautiful blue sky - and water! And the green grass - here it´s all still grey, naked trees, 1C, not nice...
    Hillary´s sure is a nice area!
    Wishing you a great week as well!

  2. I wonder who came up with that name for the seal? Yes the sea and sky are always a gorgeous colour!

  3. Love Hillarys Marina Sami, my post tomorrow was taken there today.. it's just five minutes from where I live so I meet up with friends regularly down there.. but NEVER on the weekend, then we leave it to the tourists :)

  4. Lovely area of Perth to live, Grace, very lucky!

  5. Que lindas imagenes y esa foca o lobo ¿varo?
    Saludos desde Chile

    1. Gracias por visitar Maru. Se trataba de un elefante marino.

  6. I'm not sure why Sami, i think it's just tht the seasons are strictly three months and that's it, instead of working on the winter and summer solstice like they do in Europe. Don't know about you but i can't wait to be COLD :)

  7. I would have loved to see such creature.
    Great pictures of the beach you took.

  8. Thanks Sara, I wish I had seen it too, sad that it was gone by the time I went there!

  9. Muito bonito esse lugar. As fotos da foca estão óptimas! :-)


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