Wednesday 19 June 2024

Monthly Wrap-up - May & Signs

Thursday, 2nd - The medical clinic I work for is getting Accreditation later this year (happens every 3rd year), and we all -Doctors, Nurses and Receptionists had to attend a First Aid course, administered in the premises by someone from St John's Ambulance.  Afterwards we enjoyed some snacks the boss brought.

Friday 3rd - I celebrated my Italian friend/neighbour Maria and her twin brother's 65th birthday party at the Attfield Bar. The party was held in one of the function rooms, where Maria had displayed some decorations and the birthday cake. The guests bought their food and sat at one of the tables. After dinner we moved to the karaoke room and some of us had a go at a song.  I sang "Money, Money, Money" by Abba. It was fun night!

The pub fridges had these funny signs written in chalk.

Saturday 4th - A few of the members of our "Harvest group" went olive picking from some trees offered by a neighbour through the "Buy Nothing group". Others picked near their residential areas. In total we picked 122kg, which we had processed into olive oil in a boutique processor in Jarrahdale.

Thursday 9th - the actual date of Maria's birthday and she had invited a few friends to go and have coffee and cake at her place in the afternoon. I had baked her something I knew she would love "Chocolate salami" a very traditional Portuguese dessert, specially loved by kids.

Monday 13th - Every 2nd week I attend my occupational therapy for my Tenosynovitis (inflammation of the fluid filled synovium within the tendon sheath) in the middle finger of my right hand. It's getting better, finger not as swollen, can bend finger a little bit and no longer wearing the splint, just a "tightening glove"

It was my parents "Blue Sapphire" wedding anniversary (65 years)!

Tuesday 14th - after work I joined 2 other ladies from our "Harvest group" to pick more olives in our neighbourhood again. A few days later it was again processed into olive oil. 177kg

Friday 17th - Met up with Grace at Ikea for coffee and a chat. Didn't have much time to wander around as my dental appointment had been brought forward from 4pm to 2,30 for my tooth implant.

Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th - the good warm weather continues, and Jose and I worked in the front garden. We are revamping a small area next to the driveway, which I'll take photos of when it's finished.

Tuesday 21st - after work went to a tyre place to get my front tyres replaced. Expensive work! Had to return the next day, as their alignment machine wasn't working.

Saturday 25th - Rainy weekend, so no gardening. At night we met up with friends at "Lima Cantina" Restaurant, a Peruvian restaurant in the inner-city suburb of Leederville. Fabulous food and they had a beautiful mural inside, which I photographed at the end as we were almost, the last to leave.

Sunday 26th - We were invited to a pig on a spit bbq at a friend's house. 

After lunch all the 4 invited couples plus kids went to the nearby park with the dogs.

This is Cody, the pup I looked after for a week in December. At the end of June, he'll be back for another week.

Friday 31st- Olive brining workshop at the Community Harvest workshop at the Canning Agricultural, Horticultural, and Recreational Society (CAHRS) - hosted by our group leader Maria. The group went first to pick olives, then we returned to the centre, washed and sorted them into 3 different colours and then learned a couple of methods to brine olives. Afterwards we had coffee and snacks.

After Jose arrived from work, we went to dinner at Yuki Japanese Restaurant.

This month I finished painting this table/desk and re-upholstered the chair. I had originally painted the drawer fronts and desktop in white, but found it too stark, the blue is much nicer.

Birds in the garden: Pink Galah, Ibis, Crested doves, crow, magpie-lark

Some signs seen this month:

For other signs from across the world check Tom's blog.


  1. ...Sami, once again you packed your month full of great things. I think of Grace often and I hope that she is well. Thanks for stopping by, take care and be well.

    1. Yes, Grace is well. I've been trying to convince her to get back into blogging.

  2. Glad to find your warp up!

    Wish we were forced to have a First Aid course on a regular basis too, mine is too long ago, it takes tome and money.
    I might suggest this to my company!

    I LOVE ABBA!!! You have no idea. With Mum in the car, just the two of us.
    Hope Ingo never feels to have to hide from me (but it happened, I bet, and will repeat itself).

    Hmmm, those olives! Yum.

    Chocolate salami??? I was sent to my Mum´s frind on a farm. I had salami with sweet cream (Schlagsahne) - is that the same.

    Oh, boy ...y your hand needs a lot of work to get better, I am sorry...
    To 65 PLUS years :-)

    Yippee to your meet up! And IKEA again, LOL. All OK?

    So glad I have no car no more!

    Getting hungry...

    Great furniture! And to a GR8 DAY - and AMORE, of course - and music, love the piano!

    1. Thanks Iris. The first aid courses here aren't expensive. I love ABBA too, all their songs are super! Chocolate salami is sweet - chocolate powder, sugar, butter, biscuits...rolled up to look like a sausage. All ok with Grace :)

  3. A beautiful month in review. Love all the food and love the bar rates for excuses. I laughed out loud.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

    1. Thanks Sandee I thought that one was super funny too :)

  4. A month full of activities and fun. The table and chair look fantastic, great job. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Have a great week, Sami.

  5. Oh my goodness my lovely primary school, many many moons ago. Would love to revisit for old times' sake but now live in London.

  6. The menu boards really tell the local culture

  7. The bar signs were especially hilarious!

    1. I also thought they were quite funny. Thanks Magiceye

  8. A minha sobrinha que vive e estuda em Melbourne está cá a passar uns tempos.
    A fugir ao Inverno australiano.

    1. Em Melbourne o clima e horroroso! Bem mais frio que aqui tambem. Boas ferias para a sua sobrinha Pedro

  9. A first aid course is always a good thing. I love all the signs and it looks like a terrific week. I always leave your posts like this feeling hungry. YUM!

    1. Thank Jeanie. Food and friends go together :)

  10. I always enjoy reading about your month. I wonder what the home grown and processed olives taste like in comparison with bought ones.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Even different batches with different olives taste different, but it feels good to know our olive oil if made from organic olives.

  11. Looks like a great party to attend. "Money Money Money" is one of my favorites too.

  12. A full and fun month.
    Happy anniversary for your parents on their "Blue Sapphire" wedding anniversary.
    Nice that you met up with Grace, hope she is doing okay.

    All the best Jan


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