Wednesday 1 March 2023

Monthly Wrap-up - February & Signs

Friday 3rd - We joined a few friends for the first Friday of the month, Codfish dinner at the Portuguese Club.

Codfish and 2 Custard tarts

Saturday 4th - Chinese New Year with dragon dances at Riverton shopping.

Sunday 5th - we attended a 3rd birthday party at Charles Paterson Park by Burswood Casino. It was a lovely morning surrounded by lots of kiddies but also an opportunity to meet a lot of new people. On the way home I found a new mural ✌.

Friday 10th - I hosted a cold soap making workshop at home, for the members of the Community Harvest Group. A nice morning with lots of chats that ended with snacks for lunch.

Two of the ladies still wanted to learn the "Melt and Pour" method, so I did a quick demonstration for them, and I also made washing powder.

Saturday 11th - Meeting of the Committee of the Portuguese Australian Women's Association, to discuss the event we had in January and plan future events, as well as welcoming a new member to the Committee.

We met in the city centre, at a new Cafe - Espresso & Prosecco - a beautiful venue, with lots of delicious cakes.

Found a new mural in one of the city lanes too :)

Tuesday 14th - I worked the whole day and, on the way, home stopped at the supermarket to buy prawn to grill for a a nice "Valentine's Day" dinner with Jose. Instead, when I got home, I was surprised with flowers, chocolates and a dinner at Japanese restaurant - Yuki I do have a great husband, who after 42 years can still surprise me 💗.

Japanese food and flowers for Valentine's Day

Friday 17th - A catch up coffee with my French class colleagues Suzanne and Jennifer at the "Dome" Cafe in Mount Pleasant, next to the Canning River.

Saturday 18th - Brazilian Carnival in Scarborough with our friends Wendy &Lido.

We had lunch from one of the Brazilian caravans and sat down in the beach amphitheatre to watch the various dance shows.

Brazilian food and dessert


Signs at the Brazilian Carnival from Live Lighter, one of their sponsors

Saturday 25th - a dinner at home with family and a few friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday (2nd March) as I will be flying to Frankfurt, in the early morning of the 4th, and then onto Lisbon on the 10th to be present at my Dad's 90th birthday lunch on the 11th March.

And we ended the month with another celebration on Sunday 26th - brunch with friends to celebrate a birthday and to inaugurate their new pool. It was a hot day, 38C, so a cool swim was great!

                                                           * * * * * * * * 

In our garden, the grapes in our grapevine sadly didn't survive intense heat in the last couple of weeks, so we only ate a bunch or two of grapes, the others burned to a crisp!

But the 16 mangoes on our small mango tree have survived and we have eaten a few of them. They are very fragrant and delicious. The last one I picked off the grass weighed 650gr!! (1,43pounds).
The fig tree as usual has been very generous and I have already made 3 batches of fig jam which I have given to some friends with kids and will take to family overseas, as they all love it!

Mangoes, figs, fig jam

Fig jam with Portuguese goat cheese

Other signs:

The "Ambitious" was quite funny, since it's on a Suzuki Swift, which is a tiny car 😃

Also taking part in Tom's Signs meme - Please check his latest post for other signs from around the globe.


  1. ...once again, you packed a lot into a month! "Sit less and dance more" is good advise. Thanks Sami fpr stopping by, enjoy your trip.

    1. It's a good sign, as I love dancing :) Thanks Tom

  2. Beautiful and all the food. I love your food and I had some of each dish. Delicious.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Sami. ♥

  3. Your photo diary reveals such a great life!

    1. Thank Roentare. Your comment had gone to Spam.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you William. Once again your comment went to spam.

  5. E eu que não sou fã de bacalhau??

    1. O comentário tinha ido parar ao spam! Não é muito normal um Português não gostar de bacalhau Pedro, mas claro nem todos gostamos da mesma coisa.

  6. Muitos parabéns!
    Que mês extraordinário.

  7. Today is your birthday and I hope it is a very happy one.

    Lots of interesting photos. Perhaps the Suzuki driver is ambitious that they will get the car up to 100 km/h.

    I am just curious to know if you feel a connection with Brazilians?

    1. Thank you Andrew. The connection is the shared language, even though spoken with a different accent, sometimes even difficult to understand, lol. The Brazilians are probably more relaxed, more party-going, and more demonstrative than the Portuguese who are more reserved. I do have some Brazilian friends and even distant family in Brazil, as when my maternal grandfather went from Portugal to Mozambique, his 5 sisters went to Brazil, so their descendants are all there, and we are still in touch.

  8. Happy Birthday, Sami. I had NO idea today was your birthday.

    I always leave your monthly posts hungry. You always eat so well.

    I've never made Melt and Pour soap, always the lye and oil kind. Yours turned out very pretty. Those are gorgeous flowers.

    It's amazing you celebrated Chinese New Year and Carnival so close together.

    Great signs, dear. Have a great trip and a lovely birthday.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I usually make the Melt and Pour as it's quicker and I can use my imagination with colours, shapes, etc.

  9. Well, that food looks so delicious I could hardly even look at the signs! I should never read blogs like this around dinner time!

    1. I always seem to show a lot of food. Thanks Jeanie, bon appetit :)

  10. Chinese New Year - such fun. I really wonder why it´s not celebrated here - we have so many Chinese students!
    I need to google "cold soap making"! I still was not able to use yours. Too precious.

    To your Hubby!

    Oh, if my Brazilian to-be-Teamleader wasn´t in Franfurt I would ask him to cook for me, looks very yummy!

    Great sign! If only I could really dance!
    Oh, you have so much to celebrate, it´s wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    We still have a weeeee bit of your fig-jam :-)

    Fun number plates, too, no such luck here.

    To happy travels!

    1. Thanks Iris. I'm already in Bruhl (Cologne, arrived last night).


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