Sunday, 14 May 2017

To all Mothers around the World

In Australia, and probably in many other parts of the world, Mother's Day will be celebrated this Sunday 14th May. In some European countries it was celebrated last Sunday 7th May.

With no prior course or training, women do a wonderful job of being Mothers.
Most give up a lot for their kids -  careers, money, sleepless nights, constant worries, etc., and it's usually not until we become parents ourselves that we appreciate the sacrifices our Mother's did for us. 

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, and also to my daughter in law who will be celebrating her first Mother's Day.

And to all the wonderful Mother's around the world "enjoy your day and hope you get spoiled by your children".

Second time around - My Mom on a visit to Germany, holding Karina and me holding baby Michael in hospital.

Me and my two babies
The family farewelling Karina at the airport on one of her visits to Perth.
Happy Mother's day to my Mom - here with me in Dec 2015 during my parents visit to Perth.

And a happy and wonderful day to my parents who are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.


  1. Feliz dia da mãe Sami.
    Tens uma família linda. .acho que amanhã (hoje para ti) é em todo o hemisfério sul. Brasil tb é no mesmo dia por isso faço era dedução
    Feliz Dia
    Kis ::={

  2. Happy Anniversary Wishes to your dear parents.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, and all who are celebrating.

    You've shared some wonderful memories here.
    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. Nice memories of all the mothers in the family.

  4. Wonderful post Sami. You are so lucky to still be able to spend time with your mum and dad now and then. I'm sure you had a super day with family and your gorgeous grandson. I did have a fun Skype but it's not quite the same.

    1. Thanks Grace, yes it's nice to still have my parents around and in good health. Our son, daughter in law and baby came around for lunch. And we just had a skype call from our daughter in Amsterdam, so the day is complete.

  5. Happy Mother´s Day, Sami, awww, some cute pictures to show!

    1. Thanks Iris, so young time flies!

  6. Touching and heartwarming. I really enjoyed the look back and the current photos. Hope you have/had a fantastic Mother's Day.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, it certainly was a lovely day spent with the Perth family.

  7. Happy belated mothers day Sami! Your post made a lovely summary of all the wonderful Mothers around you.


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