Saturday, 17 September 2016

Expat Interview, preparing for a Baby shower and Gardening

Hi,  hope you're having a lovely Saturday.

A few days ago an interview I gave last year, was published in the Expatfinder website.

Click on this link to read it.  You can also read other interviews from expats living all over the world by going to the "Community" tag on the right, and clicking expat interviews.

With my daughter in law's baby shower this Sunday, the two organizers gave me the task of making some of the food. So this morning I boiled 2 dozen eggs and made Devilled eggs, Olive Tapenade and Avocado & Zucchini dip and prepared Brazilian Cheese rolls.
Tomorrow I will bake the cheese rolls so they are nice and fresh and I'll cut up some veggies for the dip platter too.
I haven't taken photos yet, but will take tomorrow at the Baby shower.

The Baby-shower invitation handmade by my daughter in law

Because it was a sunny day and our garden has been neglected over the winter months, I headed outside and spent a couple of hours cleaning dead leaves, weeding and changing plants around.
A friend had given us some succulents a few months ago, they had grown and some of them were now pot-bound so they needed to be repotted into bigger pots.

All the plants in pots sitting on the pebbles are now in bigger pots. Once I finish painting one of the fences I will then re-pot these succulents on the soil.

All the plants on top of the table were full of weeds too which were removed, but they are also awaiting repotting.

This plant was root-bound and had some disgusting slugs at the bottom of the vase. I removed brown leaves, loosened the roots and planted directly on soil.

Weeds galore after all the winter rain...

Before - full of weeds

After - weeds removed

What about these flowers, are they magnificent? They belong to the Aeonium Zwartkop, original to the Canary Islands.
I have dozens of these plants that I propagated from the leaves of a single plant and this is the first time one of these has flowered. Sadly it also means that the plant will die.

Zwartkop Aeonium
 I noticed that the banana tree has a flower stalk which means we will get bananas sometime, don't know when...but it's the first time since it was planted 4 years ago.

I collected a few passion-fruit that had fallen from the vines. I usually add them to my breakfast yogurt.

It was quite a productive afternoon and I really enjoyed being outdoors and working in the garden! I can't remember when I had last done some gardening...

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Lindas plantas e flores! Este seu jardim está um mimo!
    Divirtam-se no Baby Shower!!! :-)

  2. You had quite a productive day. First cooking and prepping for the baby shower food, then repotting and cleaning up around your garden. I might have gotten tired following you around! You certainly cleaned that one plant up nicely!

    1. I was also tired at the end of the day, but happy with my work. Thanks Elizabeth.

  3. Wow! Sami, I would need days for all this! Weeks, rather, since I can´t cook and don´t have a green thumb, either! ;-)

    1. Iris, I'm sure you would be able to look after some non-killable plants, lol.

  4. Nice interview, you have lived in many countries!

    1. Thanks Marianne. I know, I hope this is the last one...

  5. You have been busy Sami, the weather has been a bit odd this weekend, warm in the mornings and quite chilly in the afternoons.. perfect for what you've been up to ☺

    1. As soon as the sun sets it gets quite cold! And today, Sunday, it feels like a winter's day! Hope you had a lovely weekend Grace.

  6. So nice to read your interview! You have also lived around and have quite a story to tell people.
    Good job in the garden too.

    1. Thanks Sara. I enjoy gardening although I'm no expert, but it's very relaxing.


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