Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bremer Bay - the town

Bremer Bay Resort and the Mermaid
Following from my previous post, on our first night in Bremer Bay we went to dinner at the Mount Barren restaurant at the Bremer Bay Resort.
Right outside the building they have this huge mermaid statue made with scrap metal and mosaics.
The dinner was actually very good and tasty, service was good, but with a pub with live music next door the noise was a bit too loud for my liking. The kitchen also closes at 8,30 pm, so don't be late!  The resort also rents out rooms and chalets.

After dinner we dropped our friends at the caravan park and went back to our Airbnb house for a well deserved rest.

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(Bremer Bay Resort - Photo from the net)

The small town of Bremer bay is situated at the mouth of the Bremer River, with a population of about 750 people. They have a general store, petrol station, medical centre and pharmacy, a hardware store, a church, two camping parks, the resort and restaurant and not much more in the way of shopping.

The first morning, after a breakfast of farm fresh eggs (left to us by our host with the note that they were freshly laid) and bacon, we got in our car and drove around to the most beautiful beaches.
At this time of the year Humpback whales and Southern right whales can be spotted around these waters and as we were leaving home the neighbour from the house in front mentioned there were whales at the beach...

The Beaches

We visited most of the town's beaches, and they were all spectacular, mostly deserted, just a couple of fishermen dotted around or a couple of brave kids getting wet in the freezing water. 
The beaches had sand so fine and white and the sea water went from transparent+to various shades of turquoise. Just beautiful, I think the photos don't do it justice!!

We climbed Bremer Bay's  highest lookout, the Tooleburrup Hill, but couldn't spot the whales. It was also so windy up there it was almost impossible to be out of the car! 
As we drove into one of the beaches, the same neighbour who was leaving the beach handed us his binoculars! Wow, only in small towns something like this could happen, handing us property that he might not see again!

The whales
At  the jetty we spotted dark shapes in the water,  and using the binoculars I saw two whales jumping up but this next photo is all I managed to get. 
The kids in the inflatable boat were quite close to it and when they returned to the jetty they reported they could even see the barnacles stuck on it's head! They were so excited, and so was I even though I didn't get that close to the whale!

kids on inflatable boat to the left and whale to the right

Another lookout in Bremer Bay is the platform near the the wind turbine. The turbine supplies 40% of the town's power. 


The town of Bremer Bay as seen from the wind turbine lookout tower.
The Bremer River almost joins the turquoise sea, as seen from the wind turbine lookout tower. From the top we scanned the beaches again for the whales and the binoculars made it easy, but apart from the dark shadows in the water, and up there it was too windy to wait for the whales to emerge from the water...
We enjoyed a sunset at one of the beaches sitting inside our car in the sand.


Sunset in Bremer Bay
For the 3 days we spent there, the weather wasn't the best, the sun peaked through cloudy skies, but the worst was the wind, always very, very windy and humid!
I don't think I had ever experienced this type of cold in Perth, one of the evenings I was wearing 4 layers of clothing!! Not even in winter in Perth I do that!

Next I'll post about our tour of the Fitzgerald River National Park and it's beautiful wildflowers.


  1. O pôr-do-sol, o azul da água,...ia já. Aqui chove.

    1. Por aqui o primeiro mês de Primavera tem sido mais frio e chuvoso do que normal.

  2. Wow, that is one huge mermaid for sure!
    Recon they have more tourists than citizens then... Hmmm, real fresh eggs!
    Oh, I remember Cape le Grand NP... the sand was so fine it made squeaking sounds under your bare feet and the water was crystal clear - and it was way too cold for a swim in 1995 and 1999!
    These beaches are as beautiful!
    Yay for small towns!
    Must be awesome to see a whale so close.

    Uh, yes, Albany had some nasty winds for us, too, back then. Our parking car was like a slingering boat, kinda - good times, I enjoyed the rain and wind (not the cold, free showers, though).
    Brr for the cold and looking forward much to your next post, Sami!

    1. I agree Iris, I'm sure the have more tourists than residents. Albany is also a windy town, just 200 kms from Bremer bay, so the weather might be similar.

  3. I loved the mermaid. That was a HUGE statue.

    It's weird seeing these whales so close to shore. Usually they are seen out past the break water. How lucky both you and those young people were to see this sight.

    BRRR. It's too bad it was so cold and miserable, because those beaches are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, yes the statue was huge, I certainly didn't expect to find something like that there, but I suppose just like the huge ram it is a tourist attraction. I wish I had a bigger lens to get a good photo of the wales but it was still exciting.

  4. Freshly laid eggs are a great way to start a day. I rarely get them nowadays.
    So nice you got to see the whales! And those kids so close to them, that must have been exciting. Your pictures of the different beaches are beautiful!

    1. The fresh eggs were a real treat, they tasted really different from the store bought ones. The beaches were really amazing Sara!

  5. That is an eyecatching mermaid! Beautiful sceneries, sad is was so cold there.

    1. Thanks Marianne, it really was a pity it was so cold, but even in Perth it has been colder than it should be at this time of the year.

  6. Blimey that's a big mermaid Sami 😀 Bremer Bay is beautiful, the beaches perfect. According to stats we are having the coldest spring for many years, I believe it ☺

    1. Yes, I heard that on the news tonight Grace, the coldest in 45 years!! The mermaid was gigantic!

  7. Dearest Sami,
    What a special trip that was, regardless the cold... Sorry for that!
    Did you actually climb up on that wind turbine to make the photo yourself?
    Sending you hugs for the weekend.

    1. Thanks Mariette, yes we could drive all the way up to a parking lot near the wind turbine, then a short walk to a metal observation tower.

  8. Wow I would love to see the whales like that swimming in the wild! Beautiful pictures of Bremer Bay! I hearing that your weather had been cold and wet for soccer at the Aus University Games which was a surprise for me, my daughter has been in Perth all week.
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren, yes we've been having cold and wild weather for most of September! In fact the coldest September in the last 45 years!!

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