Sunday, 1 May 2016

A visit to the Perth Garden Festival

At the invitation of a friend who had complimentary tickets, my husband and I went to visit this year's Perth Garden Festival.
It was being held at McCullum Park in the suburb of Victoria Park, and started Thursday 28th, and ends Sunday 1st of May. 

The park borders the Swan River and there are views across the river to the city and to South Perth along the same coast - beautiful!

View across the Swan River to the city centre across
Those buildings in the distance are South Perth
 I expected to see a lot more "garden design exhibits" but there were maybe 5 or 6 only. Apart from that there were lots of stalls selling plants, garden tools and other garden knick-knacks and then lots of stalls selling stuff unrelated to gardens, like kitchen tools, floor cleaning robots, wine...
I wonder if they didn't have enough gardeners to show their garden exhibits? 

One of the garden exhibits with a waterlily pond

A lovely selection of plants adapted to the Perth  climate
Love this type of bench in a garden
A beautiful "bowl" of succulents - just my type of garden
This rustic garden corner with a veggie garden and a seat, and then some stone armchairs around a steel drum fireplace - very rustic.
  This pavilion was selling succulent plants and had these beautiful ideas to plant them.
Can you imagine these beauties planted in drawers or a chair or a travel trunk? 
Next garden project - I've got to find an old chair or chest of drawers in the next verge collection! 

Some clever artisan makes these garden ornaments out of scrap metal - I liked the pink flamingos and the gigantic firepit just behind them to the right.
We had some lunch from one of the food stalls and then it was time for a delicious waffle with ice-cream and syrup from "Wicked Waffles" fe(forgot to take a photo).
And isn't the "Juice Face" caravan so cute? 

After a few rainy and cold days the sun was out, the day was reasonably warm and we had an enjoyable day.
Some more garden projects to add to the "To do" list too...

A very Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate Mother's day on the 1st of May. 
In Australia it's only celebrated next Sunday, the 8th.


  1. The rustic garden corner looks a bit tricky for the evening when the light is gone.
    That´s a great way to keep loved old furniture (I just would need a garden, though).
    Love the apple with it´s tongue out, hmmm, juicy!

    Same here Mother´s Day is on May 8th, tonight is "dance into May".
    I remember my Dad cut of little branches of a "may-tree" and put them above our beds, nice memory.

    1. Don't think I've heard about dance into May. Is the May tree one with yellow flowers? Because on 1st of May there's a tradition in Portugal when people put these branches on doors.

    2. Wiki says "A maypole is a tall wooden pole erected as a part of various European folk festivals, around which a maypole dance often takes place."
      My Dad cut off branches from a tree that had white blossoms and put those over our beds - no idea what tree it was...

  2. Unfortunately this type of event has become more about selling than showing people interesting designs. I like the flamingos too.

    1. I agree Andrew, it's all about sales at these fairs or events.

  3. A nice trip through the gardens anyway.

    1. Thanks Marianne, yes a nice day outdoors.

  4. I was so busy looking for my tree I forgot about this event Sami :) did you find something interesting to take home?

    1. It might have been a great place to find your tree Grace. We didn't buy any plants, right now we have enough in our garden. I loved the ideas in the succulent pavilion, so I might plant a large pot with a variety of succulents.

  5. Dearest Sami,
    Oh I can see your disappointment in the poor turnout for what the subject ought to be about!
    But at least you managed to show us some interesting photos with some ideas.
    That Swan river is a broad one at that point where it meets the ocean; wow!
    Sending you hugs and feeling relieved for having managed my 36 albums scanning. We celebrated Pieter's birthday yesterday with a lovely 5-course dinner and it was good the day after his actual day.
    Only some remnants to scan and I'm done; feeling so happy about having tackled such an overwhelming mega job.

    1. Thanks Mariette. It is a disappointing when you hope to see something and don't get to see it...
      Congratulations on finishing your photo scanning marathon, very brave!!
      A belated birthday to your husband, also had a brother in law who had his birthday yesterday.

  6. Loved the chest of drawers with the plants. It is a really cool idea! I hope you are planning on showing us your progress once you start doing something like that!
    Let me guess, the waffle was so good that there was no time for a photo before ;)
    I hope you had a wonderful "portuguese" Mother's day!

    1. Thanks Sara, I'll have to find the chest of drawers or chair on the next verge collection it might take a while, lol.
      Yes, I was so eager to eat it that I totally forgot the photo, I won't forget next time! We didn't celebrate Mother's day yesterday, doing it on the Australian day next Sunday.

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  8. Gostei muito, muito das suas fotografias. Espectacular o conjunto trazido aqui. Fiquei com vontade de lá ir.


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