Sunday, 3 May 2015

South or East, Perth is beautiful!

It was my friend Bebe's second visit to Perth, there was a lot I wanted to show her, but time was short. I opted to drive her to some of my favourite suburbs - South Perth and East Perth.

From both you get river views, views of the city's high rise buildings, lovely neighbourhoods with low buildings, parks...

We first drove to South Perth, to the waterfront (South Perth Esplanade) near the spot where the ferry departs and arrives from Barrack Street in the city - just a 10 min trip across the river Swan.
There is a huge park along the river with barbecues, children's playground, bike and walking paths... we could spend hours there soaking up the Autumn sun.
The park is also the venue for Australia Day, New Year's Eve fireworks and other major events.

Perth city skyline, taken from South Perth

South Perth skyline, taken from  ferry stop at South Perth Esplanade

Back in the car we crossed the "Causeway" to the suburb of East Perth.
Originally an industrial area, in the last 20 years this prime area next to the city centre has been redeveloped into an up-market residential suburb near the river, with a few restaurants and coffee shops, lovely park...

Many boat owners moor their boat at Claisebrook Cove (now an artificial inlet of the Swan river), enjoy a meal or a coffee at one of the restaurants, and continue their journey.
There is a pedestrian footbridge - Trafalgar Bridge - crossing the cove, and joining the houses on both sides of the margins.

One day, when I win the Lotto, I'll buy a house or apartment here... just the perfect village life next to the city!

We walked around admiring some of the little buildings, through Victoria Gardens where families were having picnics and enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and then we had a coffee at one of the restaurants in the Cove.
Time flew by too quickly as we had to rush to join my son and daughter in law at their house for a late lunch barbecue.

Families enjoy themselves around the Cove

Trafalgar Bridge crossing the Claisebrook Cove, with the city centre in the background

Restaurants and Bars at the end on the left with some boats moored

Moored boat and restaurants 

As we left a kids party was being set up by "Cinderella", a "Pirate" and "Dorothy" of the Wizard of Oz in Victoria Gardens.

After our lovely lunch, we returned home via Port Coogee Marina, just 5km from Fremantle, to check on the progress of the new suburb, and just in time to watch the sun set!
Time for a coffee at the Dome Cafe in the Marina and then we finally headed home.

Sun set at Coogee Beach Marina


  1. A nice post to have a look of Perth.

    1. Thanks Marianne, always nice to do some armchair travelling...

  2. Beautiful pics again. Oh, yes, winnig the Lotto would be just wonderful! Ingo uses to say play in the casino, chances are better, but yikes, I´d sure get a heart attack, way too dangerous to loose big...
    So... watching pics will have to do, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Iris. I also don't play Lotto, so I can't even expect to win. If (maybe once every 2 or 3 years) I go to the Casino I only bet maximum of $10, so I don't think that I could win with that type of bet either...

  3. Olá Sami.

    Reparei neste Blog agora e gostei bastante, pois sempre achei a Austrália e Nova Zelândia bastante interessantes. Vivo agora na Alemanha e reparei que também já cá viveu. Existem grandes diferenças em termos de qualidade de vida? Tem algum Post a falar das diferenças e diferentes vivências entre os dois países?

    Caso tenha curiosidade, pode passar no meu blogue:

    Melhores cumprimentos.
    Luís Pina

    1. Ola Luis, obrigada pela visita.
      Existem diferencas, especialmente a nivel cultural, qualidade de vida, etc. Como tambem ai vivi ha muitos, muitos anos e dificil fazer agora uma comparacao detalhada, visto nao saber se as coisas mudaram por ai...
      Se precisar de alguma informacao mais detalhada contacte-me via meu email (no meu perfil). Vou dar uma saltada ao seu blog tambem.

  4. Concordo plenamente com este post:) Perth is beautiful! o ano e meio que ai vivi vao deixar saudades agora que vou de volta para casa. E Claisebrook Cove foi a minha ultima morada. Talvez o melhor sitio para se morar!!

    1. Ola Paula, boa viagem de regresso a Portugal. Que bom ter morado em Claisebrook Cove, e tao bonito!


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