Saturday, 4 April 2015

Portugal - a birthday celebration

After our late night flight from the Azores, we spent the next day resting at home with the family in Cascais. 
My daughter's in-laws had also arrived from Marseille the previous night to spend a few days visiting Lisbon, and to be present at our daughter's 30th birthday party on the 7th March.

Her birthday was actually on the 8th, but since it fell on a Sunday, and we had a few friends coming from afar we thought it would be better to celebrate with a lunch on Saturday 7th.
Sadly not many of her friends could join us as they are now scattered all over the world!

Karina was born in Germany, and has since lived in South Africa, Portugal, France and now lives and works in Amsterdam, which she loves!  
It's a pity we live on the other side of the world, so far from her, but thanks to modern technology we "see" each other on weekends.

At 16 months on a trip to Holland (beach at North Sea), who would guess she would now live in Holland?

She has been a model daughter, and we are so proud of her! 
She's always been very determined since she was a small child, a good student, intelligent, ambitious, independent, kind, compassionate, a good friend to her friends, a good listener and adviser (she wanted to study Psychiatry at one stage... I'm glad she didn't) and she's managed to choose the right career path for her.
She has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and has progressed in her career as she's also a good worker.

Always a happy smile on her face

She started travelling at 3 months of age and has been lucky enough to travel frequently for pleasure and for work.

She started travelling at a young age - by plane or by car
Brother Michael visited her when she lived in Paris
One of our niece's who now lives in San Francisco, was kind enough to edit a video of Karina's life with the photos I had sent her, as well as birthday messages from friends and family who weren't present. That was shown during lunch, and a good laugh was had by all of photos with hair styles from the 80's...

We had a great day celebrating this special event with our daughter, family and friends.

Happy Birthday Karina, and may you always have a smile on your face.
My husband, Karina, myself and Karina's French partner
Blowing the candles
Birthday cake made to order

Saturday 7 March 2015


  1. Muitos Parabéns à Karina e à familia, especialmente aos papás, por mais este aniversário!
    O post está amoroso, Sami. Gostei muito!
    Tudo a correr bem e Votos de Feliz Páscoa!

    1. Obrigada Sandra. Nao escrevi nada na data, mas como estou agora a escrever sobre as ferias cronologicamente, so agora calhou.
      Feliz Pascoa para vos tambem.

  2. Now this is really funny with Holland! Destiny, huh?
    Awww, the VW you mentioned!
    Oh, the 80`s... ewww....
    As said, you look like sisters, amazing!

    1. Yes Iris, who knows destiny?
      That was our old VW camping kombi. It would probably be worth quite a bit nowadays.

  3. Congratulations with your daughters birthday. Her destiny was Holland for sure!

  4. Lovely post. Belated congratulations!

  5. Your daughter is just a year younger than Aimee :) Daughters are a joy, sons too :) lovely post Sami.

    1. Thanks Grace. I too have a daughter and a son.

  6. Dearest Sami,
    It looks like you know exactly the joys and also the pain of having loved ones living out of reach... But what a blessing for Karina for having had excellent training for being prepared for her career later in life. Yes, traveling well is a blessing and if learned young, it helps.
    Glad you got to do so much during your trip.
    So Karina works now in the country where I'm born...
    Hugs to you and Happy Easter weekend to all.

    1. Yes she loves Amsterdam and the Dutch life style. Happy Easter to you too.

  7. Too cute with the Holland top on and after all these years living there, although watch out because the third T-shirt says she is going to get a job with Euro Disney and move to Paris! She is a true third culture kid, great that you got to visit Amsterdam recently!
    Happy Easter.
    Wren x

    Wren x

  8. She has lived in Paris too Wren. Then Marseille, now Amsterdam. I agree, a third culture kid indeed!

  9. Happy birthday Karina! You should like such a proud Mamma!


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