Friday, 24 April 2015

Fremantle - The day before the Anzac Centenary

A friend visiting from Sydney was keen to go and visit Fremantle, so with a day off work, Friday was the ideal day!

Our first stop was at the War Memorial in Monument Hill, (High Street) from where you can get a nice view over part of the city, Rottnest Island and the harbour.

The Memorial comprises a main obelisk unveiled in 1928 and 8 other smaller memorials to the various wars Australia fought on.

While we took photos preparations were afoot for the Anzac Centenary Commemorations of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in Gallipoli (Turkey), which takes place on 25th April, not only in Australia, but in  many other countries.

War Memorial Obelisk

The curtains were installed over the plaques naming fallen soldiers, which will be unveiled on Anzac day
Various other smaller memorials
 Royal Navy Memorial
View over part of Fremantle
As we went down the hill to the parked car, I noticed this lovely bus stop painted to commemorate Anzac as well.
One side had a soldier painted on - pity the "peeping hole" (used when you're sitting to look out for the bus) is right in the middle of the soldier...
The other side had a nurse, the front had soldiers on horses and red poppies, the back had soldiers walking at night, and even the ceiling was painted to match.
What do you think, isn't it brilliant?

The Soldier
Soldiers on horseback and poppies, and even the ceiling is painted with poppies

War Nurse

 The back of the bus stop with the soldiers walking under the stars
From the bottom of the gardens, you can see the Obelisk and a few other memorials

Somewhere else in Fremantle,  we saw two trees with knitted poppies wrapped around their trunks. Very sweet.

                                                    The two trees with wrapped poppies around their trunk

Knitted poppies

The rest of the visit to Fremantle will be described another day, as I just want to dedicate this post to all those brave men and women who lost their lives or were injured in the many senseless wars that were fought and sadly are still being fought all over our globe.


  1. The curtains are really appropriate, I like them.
    And, yes, the peep-hole... not a good choice at all!
    The nurse really is ... well it´s all very pretty! Well done! Also the backside.
    I love the decorated tree, too!
    Sad there has to be this memorial day, but great what is done.

  2. I agree, unbelievable that wars are still being fought!
    Loved the bus-stop paintings.

  3. Lovely tribute Sami, how cool is the bus stop, hope no one graffitis over it. The view from up there is pretty spectacular hey.

  4. The view is great from the hill. and yes I do hope no one dares to grafitti the bus-stop.

  5. Dearest Sami,
    Excellent post with lots of information about so many brave men and women that fought on foreign soil for freedom.
    Lovely photos and the bus stop's design is overall brilliant indeed; well done.
    Enjoyed especially the video with the song.
    Sending you hugs and blessings.

    1. Thanks Mariette, I enjoyed the video too, glad I found it.

  6. Gosh I love Fremantle's individual efforts to commemorate Anzac day, brilliant bus shelter, very good paintings and those poppies around the trees, fabulous ideas. I wonder if someone collects them to reuse?
    Did you get to a dawn service?
    Wren x

    1. No, unfortunately I had friends from Sydney staying for a few days, late nights, a lot of sightseeing...
      I don't know about reusing the poppies around the trees, maybe someone will eventually remove them.


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