Friday, 14 November 2014

Perth Christmas Festival - the lighting of the Christmas lights

The Perth Christmas festival started today with the turning of the Christmas lights in the City centre.
So from today until the end of the year, there will be plenty to do around Perth, from Christmas markets, to food markets, to Carols....just pick your favourite event and enjoy yourself!

Tonight was actually a last minute thing - a friend called me at around 5pm to ask if we would like to go and watch the show, she was already in the city and could keep some chairs for us at the venue in Forrest Place

The crowds sitting, standing and on the balconies of the Myer building
Before the lights were turned on

The event started at 6pm, but we got there at around 7pm, having taken the train with my husband, and joined my friend and her group just in time for a kids Christmas play, a speech by the Perth Mayor - the Honourable Lisa Scaffidi- and then at about 8,30, more than 100,000 Christmas lights and decorations were lit by Santa on his sleigh.

The Perth Mayor

The city was full of parents and kids keenly enjoying the show with Santa and his elves, the Christmas Kangaroo (oh yes, he exists in Australia!), the balloons, the silver streamers and fireworks and of course the lights.

Santa departs on his sleigh after switching on the lights

Christmas stars projected on the Australian Bank building

The Myer building all lit up with thousand of lights                      

After the show we all headed to a restaurant for a late night dinner.
By the time we took the train home at around 10pm, the trains were still packed with parents and kids and others who had just gone into the city for some late night shopping.
An enjoyable and different evening!

And I've just realised that it's less than 6 weeks to Christmas and I've got so much to organize still! Hope you're more organized that I am!!


  1. Uma época muito bonita, o Natal! Bons preparativos!!

  2. Obrigada Sandra. Aqui como faz calor quase nao parece Natal, mas claro o mais importante e comemorarmos com a familia e os amigos que ca temos feito. Faco sempre um grande jantar no dia 24, pois os Australianos so comemoram o dia 25.

  3. Looks like it was a lot of fun Sami and no I am not prepared at all and I have my son, his wife and granddaughter staying over Christmas too.. better get organized :)

  4. I'm not getting visitors, but I always have a Christmas Eve dinner at our place for about 20 people, so I still have to think what I'will be cooking, etc, etc.

  5. We won´t start before November 30th with the christmas markets - and not half as beautiful as Perth, I know already. No shows, either... so... keep pics coming if you like! I´m so happy I saw it all last year :-)

  6. On 6th December, it's the Christmas Parade on St George's terrace...don't know yet if I'll go this year, you have to be there very early to get a good spot, and I have so much to do at home with the garden renovations...

  7. Hi, Christmas is just one month away and there's sooo much to do! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. I haven't been reading yours, or anyone else's for that matter, as my life's hectic (good but hectic). Hope to catch up during the school hols.

    1. Thanks Mara, I know the feeling, I've also been far too busy with our garden remodeling/deck building and cat problems, so the days just fly!

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  11. How glamorous event! Thanks for reminding the Christmas memories. You know I celebrated last year’s Christmas day in New York. It was a 3 days family trip and we enjoyed a lot in the Christmas special NY events.

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