Sunday, 2 November 2014

Open House Perth 2014 - Part 1

For the third year, Perth hosts it's "Open House" this weekend,  1st and 2nd of November.
This year the have about 70 public and some private places open to the public, so that we can see behind the scenes.
This year I've only been able to go on Saturday, so we have another event on Sunday, so I've only been able to see a few places that piqued my curiosity and that I hadn't visited last year.

I had planned to visit about 7 destinations, but with booking times for some venues, queues, travel times between venues, etc, I only managed to visit 3 of the chosen places.

I think it was a bit silly of me to take the car, having to find parking, etc, but I had some places to visit that were outside the CBD (central business district), so it made sense at the time, but it was a bit of a time waster, as well as extremely expensive!! 
I can't believe one of the parking garages charges $20 for the first hour on the weekend (cheaper during the week)!!! 
So next year I will be using the train and buses again.

My first visit was to -108 St George's Terrace, in the city centre, previously known as "West bank tower" until 2009 when the bank vacated the 20 floors they occupied.

108 St George's Tce - old and new blend

This high rise (3rd tallest in Perth) built behind an old brick facade that was saved from demolition by public protest, was when completed in 1988 the tallest in Perth.
Only the outside walls and the main foyer now remain in the original brick, and behind it the glass facade rises to 52 floors.

In 1980, when Alan Bond  planned the redevelopment of the site, the council approved it on the condition that "The Palace Hotel" remain in operation (part of the brick building).
This council ruling was later changed to allow the Bank to occupy these premises when they bought part of the investment during building.

The main reception of the building - note the huge painting

The brick house inside the modern rooftop
The glass rooftop over the main entrance to the building

Due to the huge queues waiting to go to the 51st floor, where the views are, we opted to take the tour of the 27th floor, which is occupied by "Savills", a property development and management company.
We weren't allowed to photograph the offices, just the views, but this is actually of their foyer that was on the net.

View of foyer of Savills on the 27th floor
The following 3 photos are of the site before and during construction of the new building.

Of course the views are amazing, probably not as great as the ones on the 51st, but what I wanted to see what an areal view of the "Elizabeth Quay" project (a Youtube video at bottom of post). They had a river view and a back view, and what a massive office kitchen they had! I'm jealous, I wish we had 1/4 of that in my clinic, and of course I wouldn't mind working in such a beautiful environment either...

The works on the new river front development - Elizabeth quays
The Swan Tower and the ferry station to South Perth (across the Swan river)

The BHP Billiton building, the highest in Perth
Can you see the gardens atop these building? Very cool.

More constructions going on in Perth

Part of the brick structure with iron-work balconies and the glass facade behind

Hope you enjoyed this first visit and come back soon to see my other visits from today.

Check this Youtube video about the Elizabeth Quay project

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  1. Depois de ver este post saí de casa a correr e ainda consegui ir a tempo de ver o QV1:)

  2. Que bom Paula, o ano passado fui ver o QV1 e gostei imenso.

  3. That post should´ve come with a warning for people who get sick from height, like me ;-)
    Aww, but amazing how the structures were combined! $20 for parking is a bummer, though!
    The video is very futuristic - hard to imagine for me. Can´t wait for following posts!

  4. Yes, if you have a problem with heights then you wouldn't be able to visit, but a pity to lose seeing great views of Perth.
    I was shocked with those parking prices too! The completion of the inlet and public areas is expected by Spring of 2015, and of course later comes all the buildings, hotels, etc around the area. It looks very modernistic, I think they wanted to revitalize the area and make it look like "Darling Harbour" in Sydney.


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