Monday, 3 November 2014

Open House Perth 2014 - Part 2

After my visit to 108 St. George's Terrace, it was time for a quick visit to the second location, this time to a small apartment in a building called Rialto Terrace in Palmerston street, in an enviable location within walking distance of the city centre.

The lovely gate with apartments on each side of the walkway

The building was a former clothing factory in the 1920's, later transformed into small apartments - on one side with 3 floors (2 bedrooms) and on the other side 2 floors (1 bedroom).
They are modelled in the New York style loft apartments, with the high ceilings which give the apartments a sense of space and lots of light.
These conversions are becoming quite fashionable in the Fremantle area as well, with the remodelling of old warehouses and factories. 
This particular apartment belongs to a lady who is the national president of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), and accordingly very artistically decorated as you can see in these photos.

The walkway separating the entrances on the left and right of the building

The walkway - looking up
The little entrance courtyard - just enough for some greenery
The full wall of windows in the lounge looking through to the courtyard
The lounge with double height ceilings and all that light!
Here you can see part of the tiny kitchen and dining room beyond and another small courtyard
The bedroom with build in robes and windows above with the soaring ceiling. There was an en-suite next to it
The tiny courtyard at the rear by the dining room, seen from the bedroom
The tiny rear courtyard

I really loved this tiny apartment, it could be an ideal place for a single person or a young couple who wanted a simpler lifestyle, but I rather prefer having more space, I have too much junk right now...

What do you think? Would you enjoy living in this type of apartment and have the opportunity of living within walking distance to all amenities in the city, or rather live in a bigger house in the suburbs?  


  1. Nice, but really small, especially the kitchen - as bad as ours...
    With Transperth being quite easy I think I´d prefer a suburb...

  2. I agree Iris, I also prefer more space...

  3. O Open House é uma ideia fantástica, mas eu deixei passar o de Lisboa e não visitei nada... Adoro esse lounge com a enorme parede de vidro e toda essa luz.

    1. Tambem foi o que mais gostei naquela casinha, aquela luz toda, poder ver-se o sol, a lua, as estrelas...

  4. I love "open houses" and seeing what architects do with space and light. Conversions are often more "artistic" than newly built spaces, and I'm having a lot of fun lately seeing what is done to convert old village houses in my French village (where we just moved to this summer). We've been inside several now and I love how personal and creative the spaces become. Quite a challenge when you deal with buildings from the 16th century! Our own little house is only 30 years old, but needs some work too. Great pictures!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the visit. There were a few more "remodelled" houses on show but I didn't get time to see them during "Open House" but I also think they look more artistic than new built houses. Our house is from the Seventies and we did a lot of remodelling, hard work!!

  5. I love the light and the size of the rooms. Wonderful green plants. Looks like a nice place to live.

  6. Thanks for the visit Gunn. The apartment is in a lovely suburb.
    I see you are from Stavanger, I have friends who just moved there from Perth.

  7. So good to see your shots of the open house weekend Sami, can't belive I missed it while in Sydney :) Would have loved to see these apartments.. Next year :)

    1. They had a few "remodeled" apartments that I wanted to see, but unfortunately I didn't have time for it all, as I only had 1 day for the visits, so hopefully next year I'll be able to do those visits if they're still on the list.


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