Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Cemetery with a difference

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park in Perth's northern suburb of Padbury, just 20km out of the city centre is certainly a different type of cemetery.

Even though it is located just 500 metres from the Whitfords train station, and just off the Mitchell Highway, once you turn into the huge green grounds, it feels very peaceful.

Pinnaroo had it's first burial in 1978, and I presume by then that area must have been quite remote, but with the growth of Perth there are now loads of new suburbs further north of the cemetery.

It's considered to be Australia's most environmental friendly cemetery, with plenty of bushland surrounding it, and it has been planted exclusively with native species. The park is also a haven for kangaroos and other native animals.

Loads of Kangaroos lying in the sun - the indentations in the grass are bronze burial plaques

The cemetery has various courtyards named after Australian flora - Acacia court, Melaleuca court, etc., which are used for burials. Ashes can be placed in memorial gardens by planting native trees or bushes - a living memorial to the loved one.

No headstones or monuments are permitted and the graves are marked with flat bronze or natural stone memorial plaques.

There is also a Cafe in the grounds open to the public 7 days a week, and there are 2 limestone and timber chapels where funeral services are performed. 
Bereaved families can engage the services of a catering service, very appropriately named "Celeste Catering", and can then gather in the lounges next to the chapels.

The cemetery is very popular with joggers, walkers, picnics, dog walks and even for wedding photographs, reason why I hope you don't find this post a bit creepy.
I thought the cemetery had such a calm and relaxed feeling and was just beautiful!

Below are some "soft" photos of the cemetery with it's beautiful surroundings - lakes, waterfalls, plenty of greenery and of course the wonderful wild kangaroos.

Hope you enjoy the views.

One of the burial plaques of a tiny 1 day old baby

Around the lake lots of plaques commemorating cremations

And the kangaroos!


  1. It really is a beautiful spot Sami. Both my Mum and Dad have plaques here and we often walk up to visit.. it's where I take most of my kangaroo shots.

    1. It's a beautiful place Grace and it's so unexpected to see the kangaroos there.

  2. Não fazia ideia que este lugar existia! Já tenho um pretexto para ir dar uma voltinha mais a norte:)

    1. Sim Paula, um lugar interessante para passar umas horas a passear.

  3. It´s a beautiful cemetery, Sami. Grace, reckon it´s the one you wanted to show us?
    Maybe next year?
    My parents are on one near the main road (not Braunschweig, but Seesen). A sad, lost place where my Brother plants flowers regularly.

    1. Next year you can visit it Iris, it sure is different from the normal cemeteries I have seen in Europe or Africa!

  4. I'm interested in cemeteries and often visit them, but never have I seen one such as this. What a wonderful positive spin on an otherwise ghostly lore. Love the kangaroos too.

    1. Thanks Sharon, it really is a different type of cemetery, not dark and scary.

  5. It does look lovely, Sami :) Not like any cemetery I know.

  6. Eu acho muito interessante a forma como as pessoas vêm os cemitérios em alguns países. No leste europeu as pessoas também passeiam, correm e relaxam nos cemitérios, que apesar de terem pedras nas sepulturas, são lugares agradáveis cheios de árvores e relva. Só faltam mesmo os cangurus.

  7. Que interessante, ainda bem que no leste os cemiterios tambem sao locais agradaveis.
    Em Portugal e tao deprimente ir a um cemiterio, acho eu...

  8. That is amazing, my Dear! Love all the kangaroos, and your photos are beautiful!

  9. Cara Sami, aqui Beatriz da SBS Portuguese. Gostaria de usar duas ou três fotos suas do cemitério na nossa webpage e gostaria de ter a sua autorização - com o crédito ao seu nome, é claro. Por favor, escreva para Muito obrigada


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