Saturday, 29 March 2014

2014 Sculpture by the Sea - Part 1

The 10th Annual "Sculpture by the Sea" exhibition was held at Cottesloe Beach, Perth, from the 7th to the 24th March this year with an estimated 220,000 visitors flocking to the beach.
Over seventy artists from 12 countries participated, transforming the beach into a stunning sculpture park. This year the exhibition featured 74 sculptures made with the most diverse  materials. 
This creative display of public art and talent is one of Western Australia's most popular and free events of the year.

Japanese sculptur Hiroyuki Kita won $50000 for best sculpture - "Like a flower swaying in the wind". 
The prize which was offered by Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting Group (Gina being the richest person in Australia, a Western Australian mining heiress), is Australia's top sculpture award.
This bright sculpture will now be displayed at the offices of the Roy Hill iron mining project, which have recently been built near Perth's Airport.
Like a flower in the swaying wind - by Hiroyuki Kita
When I saw this next sculpture entitled "Chicken Cafreal" I thought it might be from a Portuguese sculptor, as it looks very much like our "Galo de Barcelos" except in black instead of the usual colourful rooster, but the sculptor was actually a Goa based artist Subodh Kerkar, and it was inspired by a popular chicken dish invented when the Portuguese ruled those parts of the globe, so I wasn't too far off...
Galo de Barcelos (Barcelos rooster)
Chicken Cafreal - by Subodh Kerkar

This one came from Portugal though - "Plastic World" represents a world made with plastic rubbish found in the oceans, and is the work of Carole Purnelle and Nuno Maia.

This lovely bronze sculpture by Iraqui born,  WA resident Ayad Alqaragholli is called "Embrance".

Western Australian artist Richie Kuhaupt made this pallet and Nolfolk Pine sculpture to bring awareness to the envirnoment.

These 5 mountains of rubbish were created with 80,000 milk bottle lids and 185,000 cable ties, is called "Over Consumption" and was the work of WA artist Kerrie Argent, and she won the WA Sculptor Scholarship prize of $5000. 

Details of bottle caps from previous photo

This bamboo creation called "Ocean Cathedral" was by English artist Debbie Harding.

Whale shark, created by Olivia Samec and James Moe from WA, was made with hundreds of empty bottles filled with water and blue dye.

 This bright yellow metal sculpture entitled "Tusk" is by John Clement from the USA

Another bright one are these 3 "Pillows" from Brazilian Geraldo Zamproni.

"Bulk Carrier" wine cask (boxed wine) by WA artist Norton Flavel was for sure one of the most popular and most photographed sculpture. This type of bag was actually an Australian invention, and this 4mt square inflatable made with PVC and epoxy resin surely dominated the beach.

"Solar Jayne" by WA artist Geoffrey Drake-Brokman is based on a body mould of WA ballet dancer Jayne Smeulders, with solar panels that allowed the sculpture to rotate. Here the artist was fixing something. In the background you can see the "Indiana Tea house".

A view of Cottesloe Beach with some of the sculptures


  1. Hmmm, somehow I know the Indiana Tea house ;-)
    Love all those projects, though some really make one sad... Well, they have to, right?
    That wine-cask is really huge!
    Did you know we only have them since lets say 10 years? Advanced as we are...
    The ballet dancer is beautiful, too, great idea.

    1. Yes, you should know the Indiana Tea house.
      Also so much work for just 2 weeks on show, I wonder what they do with all those huge sculptures then?

  2. This looks to have been a wonderful and interesting day at the beach, It is amazing what the minds of different artists can conjure up to make beauty out of rubbish. Fabulous!

    1. Yes, so very artistic and imaginative people are needed to come up with some of those sculptures!

  3. Wonderful shots of the sculpture Sami, I just love this event each year you just never know what the artists are going to dream up :)

    1. Thanks Grace, some wonderful artists with wonderful imaginations to create new things every year!

  4. They are absolutely brilliant, Sami, aren't they? :) I loved how the Portuguese cockerel followed you!

    1. Hi Johanna, I was surprised to see it too! A version of our national symbol.

  5. Que surpresa ver o Galo de Barcelos aí! ... seguramente de luto pelo estado do país! O Plastic World já tinha fotografado no paredão Estoril-Cascais há uns anos.

  6. Que engracado, pelos vistos estas esculturas andam a volta do Mundo!



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