Friday, 31 January 2014

Brighton Jetty Sculptures - Adelaide

Last week I flew again to Adelaide, in South Australia, to spend time with my husband, during one of Adelaide's hottest weather spells!
Luckily he lives close to the beach in Glenelg and towards the end of the day when it wasn't so hot I would walk to the beach with a book, wet my feet and sit there until the sun set at around 8,30pm.  A magical time!!

Various sunsets at Glenelg beach

Just outside Adelaide's airport I got the first glimpse of some of the sculptures that were part of the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures.
The Brighton Jetty Classic includes other fun events such as Swimming events, Carnivals, stalls, entertaiment...and started on 22nd. January ending on 2nd February.

Sculptures outside Adelaide Airport

One day I had the brilliant idea of cycling from Glenelg to Brighton just over 4,5km (3miles) away to go and see the Sculptures.

Sculpture "taking a rest" on a bench near Glenelg Beach - here wearing the Australian colours for Australia Day that was celebrated on 26th January

I'm no Cadel Evans, and I'm scared to ride on the road, but luckily there is a cycling/walking path along the sea front, except for a little detour where there is a Life Saving club by the beach edge and cars and cyclists need to go up one street around that area.

Some of the sculptures

With a few exceptions, most of the sculptures were made in metal. My favourite was one made of marble and stone called "The greatest muse" , which are the windows capturing the even changing moods of the sea.

The Greatest Muse

Brighton Jetty and Shark sculpture

On my way back home I had the bright idea to rather cross the sand area instead of cycling ar0und  the detour, and boy did I regret that!! 
Pushing the bicycle on the sand for around 15 minutes is very hard work!! 
Phew I was exhausted by the time I got back on the cycling track and had to stop for a while and sit on a bench to catch my breath. The return home was certainly a lot harder. I was surprised that the following day my legs weren't hurting from all that cycling and walking.

A lovely bench in a garden overlooking the beach 

Being summer and school holidays (kids starting school this week in most States), the beach suburb of Glenelg was always full of people walking around the town and on the beach.

Jetty Road, Glenelg with the tram that goes to Adelaide

 There was a fund raising event for "Heart Foundation" with huge "Love" letters in metal, and you could donate $10 in exchange for a heart locket where you could write a message to your loved one, to be hung on one of the letters. 
These letters would then be going to Rundle Mall in the centre of Adelaide from the 
1st to the 14th February and then to the Garden of Unearthly Delights in East Terrace Rd for the Adelaide Fringe Festival,  until the 16th March.
I thought it was quite a novel idea for a fundraiser and it seems to be such a "fashion" thing to pin lockets in bridges, etc.

Pinning my love heart locket
The Bay Discovery Centre - Glenelg - with the Love letters

1.Photo board in Brighton beach, 2.Little Boy diver in Glenelg, 3. Grafitti lane, 4. Bicycle rest, 5.Glenelg Jetty with hopscotch game,  6. Resting with my bicycle on the way home

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Glenelg and the Brighton sculptures. 
Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm or cool depending on where you are. 
We are in for some hot days from next Monday to Friday with temperatures in the high 30's C.

Another sculpture made of bicycle parts, inside Adelaide Airport


  1. Fantastic post Sami.. I don't know much about Adelaide was interesting to see that it is a city of much artworks as well.. J'adore 'The Muse' what an absolutely brilliant sculpture, to watch the changing seascapes through the arches.. brilliant.

  2. Beautiful sunsets! And so "cute/Aussie" the "taking rest"-guy is wearing thongs, too! Beautiful sculptures those are!
    Wow, I never dared to cycle in sand - isn´t that slippery, too?
    The bench is beautiful!
    The heart idea is wonderful, bet heaps of people donate this way - sadly I found no pics online to this campaign but your blog - I´m thinking of sending a link of the campaign ( to the German orginasation - would you mind if I send the link to this post along?
    High 30´s, ahhhh - still very cold here - have a great weekend, too!

  3. Grace - Adelaide is the "festival city" and there are loads of street art everywhere. Yes, the Muse is a beautiful sculpture.

  4. Iris - that sculpture looks very life-like from afar, it really could just be someone sitting there.
    I wasn't cycling on the sand, I was walking and pushing the bike which was quite hard.
    Yes, no problem with sending the link. Do you want to suggest a similar campaign? I thought it was very clever!
    Here is also a link to the heart foundation - Lock in the love -

    1. Thank you for the link, Sami, yes, I think it´s a wonderful idea, why not for Germany as well? Luckily I have no (one with) heart problems, but it sure is an important subject...
      Are the sculptures permanent?
      Oh, yips, pushing a bike through sand sounds trying, too...

    2. The Brighton sculptures aren't permanent, they will be there until tomorrow. I suppose just like the Sculptures in Cottesloe beach, every year people compete with new sculptures.

  5. Yes, I enjoyed the tour. The sculptures are very cool and the beach looks inviting. Thanks for sharing your mini vacation with us.

  6. Magnifico! Fiquei a conhecer Adelaide! Bela reportagem sobre esta bonita cidade. Este ano não fui ver as esculturas de Bondi a Tamarama. :( Obrigada pelo passeio virtual pela praia Glenelg. Doce beijo.

  7. Thanks for visiting Sharon, glad you enjoyed the virtual trip.

  8. Ola Bebe, obrigada pela visita. No final de Fevereiro teremos as esculturas na praia em Perth.

  9. Adorei as fotos do pôr do sol! Que belos passeios que se dão ao fim da tarde pela praia. Adelaide parece ser uma cidade muito gira!

  10. Obrigada Sara. Adelaide e interessante, mais pequena que Perth, construcao mais antiga. E conhecida como a "cidade das igrejas" pois tem imensas igrejas, e tambem e conhecida como a "cidade dos festivais" pois ha imensos espectaculos de cultura, concertos, teatro, etc.

  11. The sculpture trail looks brilliant, Sami :) I've seen a few posts about it.
    Those temperatures were a little ferocious even by my standards. Lovely evenings by the beach though- I envy you those.

  12. Hi Joanne, we have had some scorching days all over Australia this summer, it seems all over the world the weather has been out of whack!

  13. The buskers do have a competition once a year Sami, not sure what the prize is.. am going to look out for it this year!

  14. That's great Grace, will have to go and watch it too, should be fun.

  15. Wonderful post, Sami! I am enjoying your tour around various parts of Australia- travels books can only say so much, but your perspective is really enjoyable and information. Thanks for letting us in on your discoveries! (Australia is on my travel list so this is very helpful!)

    1. Hi Jonelle, thanks for visiting and becoming a follower. Glad you are enjoying getting to know Australia through some of my travel diaries.

  16. Amazing! Will have to visit here if I ever get to Australia. I love public art installations, as does my daughter.

    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)


  17. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower Tisha

  18. Mas que belo passeio, Sami! Agora dava tudo para estar nessa praia, a apreciar o pôr-do-sol.
    Adorei as esculturas em metal. Lindas! Também gostei muito das janelas a emoldurarem o mar. Belo post!

    1. Sandra - tambem achei a maioria das esculturas muito interessantes. Obrigada, beijinhos


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