Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Discovering new places in Perth

I don't often go into the city, mainly due to the fact that I have everything I need in the suburb where I live, but once in a while it's nice to do something different!
So today, on my day off work, I took my daughter in law into the city and the suburb of Northbridge to show her some of the sights she still doesn't know. (She lived in Sydney previously, and has only been in Perth 6 months).

Our first visit was to the WA Museum where together with the usual exhibits there was an exhibition honouring 30 years of work from Perth's fashion designer Aurelio Costarella
Not all dresses were to my taste, but most were quite feminine and wearable.

Here a dress is inside an exhibition window with some Australian animals
There was a huge display of butterflies from Australia and the world

I love these stones with minerals!
A very important room in the Museum is the Discovery Centre, 
and today it was full of school children who are on their summer holidays at the moment.
It's a treasure trove for kids, but also very interesting for adults.

You can build a Pyramid

This lioness was popular with the kids who stroked her when they walked past
Under each cupboard the sliding drawers had interesting things to discover
The Dinosaur at the entrance to the WA Museium
Turning left to go to Northbridge we came across this "new sand box" in front of the main city Library. Under the shade a few beach chairs and recliners were available, and the kids played happily in the sand. It looked almost like a beach, quite funny!

Northbridge Piazza where free music concerts and movies are held - giant screen at end

Returning from our visits after lunching in Northbridge we went past Kakulas Brothers in William Street. A old-fashioned grocer store with flours, nuts, spices, chocolates, etc that can be bough by weight from various bags around the store. There are cheeses, olive oils, sausages, olives, canned goods, lots of European flavours...
Prices are very good and the choice is enormous!

(photo from net - I didn't think I could take photos inside)
Next door to them is another lovely find - a tiny and brightly painted shop selling artisan ice-pops -  Delish Ice-creams - the lady behind the counter offered us a try and we loved our choices - creamy coconut milk and passionfruit for me and Creamy Iced coffee for S. 
Pity we started walking towards the city and with the heat (it was 38C today!!) they started melting quickly. Eventually we found a shade until we finished eating them.
Have you ever tried something similar? They were delicious, we will be back for more!!

The sales lady took the photo with us holding the ice-pops

Next to the train station at Forrest Place, the kids were cooling themselves and having fun under the water feature, and a couple of  adults were also taking the plunge and getting wet...

Near the station on Murray St, this mural featured in a shop window caught my eye. Stunning!! It's part of an exhibition - Art 140 Perth and the artist is Anna McEachran.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the city with me and are getting to know a bit more about Perth's delights.


  1. The "new sand box" we missed out on but here we have the Okercabana, also great, with yummy Currywurst :-)
    And I guess you don´t know the Sonnendeck Sued yet? It´s right in the city on top of a car park.
    Maybe you come back one day in (our) summer...

  2. The Museum looks like a great way to spend a day. I really enjoy visiting places like Kakula's Brothers grocery, where things are displayed as they are there that are sometimes not easy to find elsewhere. Thanks for introducing us to some great places!

  3. I think the sand box is quite recent Iris.
    Both those places looks lovely, a wonderful place to go in Summer.

  4. Lynn - Kakulas have a sister store in Fremantle too, both are stocked with wonderful things you can't always find at a normal supermarket.

  5. É óptimo fazer turismo na própria cidade onde vivemos e descobrir locais novos.

    P.S. A destruição na nossa costa no dia 6 foi horrível, ainda hoje descubro imagens novas que parecem mentira, principalmente quando conhecemos os locais afectados. E, segundo consta, vem aí outro "Black Swell" nos próximos dias. Espero que estejam enganados...

  6. JM - Ha sempre coisas novas a descobrir pela cidade. De momento Perth esta com grandes mudancas, imensa construcao...

    Espero q nao haja mais danos, realmente as imagens q tenho visto tem sido de muita destruicao.

  7. I haven't been to the museum for ages Sami, after seeing your shots I really must make an effort.


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