Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREMANTLE - the golden Oldie

Although the port city of Fremantle is only half an hour away from my house, I don't go there that often, even though it's such an interesting and quirky place.

I took the opportunity to spend a few hours there on Friday, when I took my son and daughter in law to Victoria Quay, to catch the ferry to Rottnest Island.

So camera in hand I walked around, stopping here and there, taking a peek into interesting shops, absorbing the atmosphere, and I returned home happy with my little trip.

The Rottnest Express ferry - you can see container with the luggage they deliver and the bikes for hire

The ferry departing to Rottnest
The W.A. Maritime Museum at the end of the Quay
Two  beautiful "oldies" in front of the E-Shed markets - cafes and markets
Another "oldie", this tram does the tourist routes around Fremantle
Fremantle Train Station

After dropping them off, I turned into Market Street, across from the train station and parked my car nearby.
I walked in the direction of the city centre until I heard a beautiful singing voice. I sat down, joining quite a few people that were already listening to this young busker in High Street. 
From Facebook I learned he has an original CD coming out as well as a CD with covers. Good luck to him, he truly deserves a place next to the best singing stars!

Fremantle founded in 1824

The park across the Town Hall had a chest set, a couple of table tennis tables (see Welcome sign) and even a piano under the big Ficus trees. How cool is that?so in High Street, in the pedestrian only zone I saw this xylophone (I hope that's the right name for this) that can be used by all.
Across the road the Fremantle Town Hall is an imposing building with a tall tower making it look more like a church. A window at the Town Hall shows Fremantle was founded in 1824.

Public Xylophone 

Chess set and Table Tennis table

Public piano

Back into Market Street, the National Hotel is showing it's new facelift after reopening the ground floor and first floor to patrons in December 2013.
This Federation style building started as a single storey shop in 1868 and in 1886 became an hotel. In 1895 the new gold prospecting owners commissioned the building of a 5 storey high Hotel with 50 to 60 rooms in the same site.
Ownership changed a few times, and in 1975 the top floor was destroyed by fire. While renovations were being done and nearly completed, another fire resulted in substantial damage in 2007.
Work is still ongoing with a roof top restaurant  and boutique accommodation due to open in mid 2014.

The Federation style National Hotel in Market st

One of the lead windows over the Bar entrance

In front of all the shops I could see these recycled planters
A lovely kitchen goodies shop in High Str
Another Kitchen goodies shop in Market Str

Inside the Home Provedore

Along Market Street I came across Kakulas sister Grocers - the sister shop to Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge, where you can buy your produce by weight from their rustic sacks.

Inside Kakulas Sisters

Uniting Church of Australia - corner of Market & Cantonment Street

I will have to return soon to take a peek inside more interesting boutiques.

Ahh, and least I forget if you do visit Fremantle don't forget to taste the best waffles and ice-cream ever!!  
Just off Market Street turning into South Terrace towards the Fremantle Markets is the Piazza Mall, and across from Zapatas Mexican Restaurant, is a coffee shop - Freo Ice Cream and Waffles, that makes divine waffles served with Ice-cream of your choice.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Fremantle and hope to see you again soon on another one of my wanderings.

(photo from net - sorry forgot the photo this time)


  1. "Oldies" ;-) I sadly missed chess and the piano - and Kakulas Sisters, guess I´ll have to come back someday :-) Nice post!

  2. I hadn't seen them there before either, but I hadn't been to Freo for a long time...

  3. That's a terrific post, Sami. Well done! My wife and I lived in Perth in 1971 for a year - and never got to Rotto, if you can believe that. Looking back: how foolish! In those days many Western Australians felt themselves isolated from the rest of the country. One day my newsagent apologised for the late arrival of "The Australian", a daily paper printed in Sydney. "Sorry, mate. The overseas papers aren't in yet." I never did find out if he was joking or serious.

    1. What a pity you didn't visit Rotto, it's a gem!
      I can imagine back in the 70's Perth must have been really isolated, it's much better now, very modern, although still far from the eastern state capitals, but plenty of flights...

  4. Gosto imenso de estações de comboios antigas e essa é lindíssima!

    1. Obrigada J M. O interior tambem e bonito.

  5. Hi Sami, So glad to see that you had a wonderful Christmas and New year! Loved your 2013 round up.Thank you for your new year wishes :-)
    Also just wanted to say sorry for messing you around a bit with the soaps, you happened to be my very first online order, so thanks for putting up with my stuff around ;-)
    Hope you have a fantastic Australia Day!

  6. Nice that you had a wonderful break. Don't worry about the site problems, I'm sure those things happen. I love the soaps, and so has everyone I gave them to.

  7. What a fab trip around Freo Sami, really enjoyed it, merci beaucoup :)

  8. Very nice photos! It's like I was touring with you :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and leaving a comment.

    xx from Dubai, Grace

  9. Gosto imenso desses prédios com as varandas em ferro trabalhado. Faz-me lembrar New Orleans.

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