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Another iconic building on St George's Terrace (152-158) is Central Park.
In the 1930's the site was home to Foy & Gibson department store. Later the store was bought by another department store David Jones, who moved out of W.A by the end of 1970's. The site was then bought by a joint venture called Central Park Developments. In 1986 the site was valued at $20 million.
It is the tallest building in Perth with 249mt above ground to the top of the communications antenna, and is also the 9th tallest building in Australia.
Central Park Building (photo from net)
It was originally planned as a 45 storey building, but after a few modifications and concessions made by Perth City Council, to exceed building ratio, it was finally approved as a 51 office tower.
Construction began in 1982 and culminated in 1992 with the installation of the communications mast tower and cost $186.5 million. The tower has 64,000m2 of office and 3,000m2 of retail space, 1,025 parking bays for tenants with coded cards and 400 for the public.
The building is clad in aluminium and 5000 sheets of glass, which get cleaned twice a year taking up to 3 months due to high winds.
It's a very technologically advanced building with fully computerized air-conditioning, which uses data from sensors on each floor to regulate temperature, there is a central mail facility, conference centre for tenants and a fitness centre exclusive to tenants. The lifts have screens showing the outside temperature and share prices on the Australian stock market.
The outdoor area with 5000m2
The outdoor space from which the tower takes its name, is an area of 5,000m2 landscaped park with fronts to William street and Hay street.  It contains seating areas, a fountain and grassed areas. The park area is carried though into the lobby under a glass canopy structure, becoming more formal as it approaches the main entry.

The glass canopy lobby
The building hosts an annual stair climbing race up 53 flights from the garages to the roof, which started in 2001, raising money for Multiple sclerosis. Usually only on these charity days is the public allowed to go up to the top floors for the views.

During the Open House Perth, I was lucky to be able to climb up with a guide to the 51st floor, which was being remodeled and be able to enjoy the amazing views from the top.

Perth Arena (with some blue) and the highways to the northern suburbs
The Bell Tower and Barrack street Jetty from where ferries depart to South Perth and Rottnest Island and the sandy area is part of the new development - Elizabeth Quay
The Swan River with South Perth across the river
The suburb of South Perth across the river

The white buildings to the right are the  Crown Casino and hotel and at left you can just make out the Airport tower and grounds
Rottnest Island at the far end with Kings Park botanic gardens just behind the tall buildings at the front
Rottnest Island

If next year this building is open I will certainly go back for more views. Hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Perth's iconic buildings.
Central Park Building (on left) in the Perth skyline at sunset (photo from net)


  1. Have really enjoyed your visit to these two iconic buildings Sami, St. George's Terrace is fabulous. Did you actually climb all those stairs? I'm definitely going up next year.

  2. No way Grace, I wouldn't make it up 51 floors! The tour guide took us in the fancy lifts.

  3. Adorei as vistas do topo dos edifícios! Apesar das construções modernas, Perth parece ser uma cidade cheia de parques, com grandes áreas arborizadas e tão pertinho do mar.

    Eu também corri a colour run em Braga. No final tive que ir de comboio até ao Porto, mas não havia plásticos para evitar que a tinta se espalhasse em todo o lado... O comboio ficou todo colorido, mas a tinta é em pó e não é muito difícil de sair. Ainda assim, os plásticos parecem uma óptima ideia!

  4. Sara - sim Perth tem imensos parques, nos suburbios ha parques em quase todos os quarteiroes. Aqui nao era permitido entrar-se no comboio sem os plasticos se estivessem com tinta em po depois do colour run, por isso havia plasticos a serem doados pela organizacao.


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