Saturday, 9 November 2013

OPEN HOUSE PERTH - 2 - Spacecubed and Parliament House

After my visit to Council House, as part of the "Open House Tour" on Sunday 3rd, just down the road at 45 St George's Terrace, I entered a large old building that had an "open house" flag outside.

Having previously housed the Reserve Bank, and still containing the huge vault, "Spacecubed", is now a 550 square meter innovative space and brainstorming room.

A big board on the wall showed Tweets around Perth

Spacecubed is an interesting concept that allows people to pay a monthly fee, and as per their needs make use of a "hot desk" (meaning it can be used by various people at different times), or a permanent desk and access to meeting and seminar rooms right in the city centre. 
It is a space where entrepreneurs can collaborate, co-work, network, mentor and brainstorm under one roof, and members can encourage each other with ideas and support for projects, designs or businesses.
The lounge and a kitchen at communal kitchen at the end
The desks at the far end are made with pallets

You might notice that some of the desks are made with pallets, wire, etc and my favourite were the little pallet cabins used to relax, just like a little cocoon.

The cheapest membership costs $22,50 a month which includes 8 hours of co-working, meetups, online community, use of kitchen, wifi, discount on meeting rooms and mentor program. A very, very interesting concept indeed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Next on my list was a visit to Parliament House in Harvest Terrace. I just walked a few blocks, but if you are in the city you can take the Red cat (free bus) at get off at Stop 21 - Parliament/Hay st.

There was a short queue, as a maximum number of people were taken in at a time for the guided visit.
Construction of this building began in 1902 and finished in 1904, using local materials - stone from Rottnest island and Donnybrook, Jarrah for the woodwork and clay tiles.
Extensions to the building were made in 1958, 1978 and 2002, making the building a square shape with a courtyard in the middle. There is a big collection of art painted by local artists with WA scenes.

The sunny courtyard

Parliament House is home to the Legislative council (Upper house) and Legislative Assembly (Lower House) of the Western Australian Parliament.
Both chambers have a public and Media gallery to attend certain meetings.

The Blue Legislative Assembly with gold sceptre
The Red Legislative Council chambers

The ceilings are ornate and before air-conditioning was installed, from those ceiling roses hung fans to cool the rooms.
Members of Parliament can have meals at a subsidized rate in this lovely dining room. Guests are allowed by invitation from a member. There is also a Bar, but for members only. It's good to know that all produce used in their meals comes from W.A., and all wines are chosen from the Margaret River wine area (just 260km from Perth).

A grand library is also available to members with all sorts of books and where typists transcribe what is written in the parliament sessions into documents that are made into big books. The librarians also do research for the members when they need extra information for their discussions.

There is also a meeting room for Aboriginal members of Parliament with Aboriginal Art hung on the walls and the windows and doors are framed with specially designed glass.

The Aboriginal meeting room

The glass windows with Aboriginal motives

A few more venues with wonderful sights will be written about in my next posts.
Hope you are enjoying the tour.
Have a wonderful weekend.


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