Thursday, 31 January 2013

Banana Ice Cream

I remember a while ago reading somewhere that you could make a super quick ice-cream using just one ingredient - ripe bananas!

So, instead of making banana bread, which would just add some grams to my body, I decided to use the four over ripe bananas in my fruit bowl to make an healthy ice-cream instead.

Peel and slice the bananas and put in a container in the freezer during a couple of hours.

When frozen, put in the food processor and mix for a while, using a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl until it all becomes a smooth paste.
I added a tablespoon of honey and just to make it a little wicked I added 2 teaspoons of Baileys (Irish Cream Liqueur) as well.

When the mix was smooth, I  scraped every last bit from the mixer bowl, put in a serving dish and into the freezer again, to be served after dinner.

Before serving I poured another tot of Baileys (Irish Cream liqueur) just for good measure.
This was enough for 3 servings.

Yummy and super quick too!!
I might add one or two figs next time, as it's fig season and my tree is full of beautiful sweet figs.
What else would go well with bananas? A couple of diced walnuts might be nice too.
Anything else you could suggest?


  1. I've had the "ice cream" but not with Bailey's. Love it!!! Am going to have some tonight!


  2. Love this recipe and it's so simple!

    What a great way of utilizing ripe bananas

  3. Ohhh I love this icecream, we make it here without the bailies. My hubby would love it with a dash of wickedness :)

  4. that is amazing! Just bananas? I froze some mangoes and mixed them with plain greek yoghurt in the blender. That made awesome ice cream.

  5. HI Terri, Carole, and Aimee:
    It tastes great with the Baileys, I also thought Port wine might be another alternative.
    Gill: I love mangoes and they are still available in the shops. I usually cut a mango in tiny pieces and add to Greek yogurt, but had never thought of making ice-cream. Another good idea, thanks!

  6. I've been wanting to try this! The Bailey's sounds like a fabulous addition! (visiting from the Grow Your Blog event)

  7. Hi Sami,
    Thank you for sharing the easy recipe - sounds yummy.
    Happy Day,

  8. My sister & I have discussed the banana ice cream recipes. We haven't been gutsy enough to try it. Your's sounds delicious. I don't know what Baileys is though. I love your tutorial, it's fun and tasty. Thanks for making it and sharing it with us. :)

  9. HI E.C. - Baileys is a liqueur (Irish Cream liqueur)made with whisky and cream (there are even home made versions) I hardly ever drink, but I will have a Baileys on ice, once in a while...

    Thanks Erin.

  10. Thanks Sami. Very creative way to spice up the ice cream. :)

  11. Thanks Sami, this is a recipe I will be trying first thing tomorrow morning, i have all the children in the family coming for a swim in the afternoon, this will be perfect..and healthy!!

  12. Que bom aspecto! Provava já um bocado. :-)

  13. JM - ficou muito bom, acho q ate vou deixar bananas ficarem maduras para fazer mais vezes.

  14. Grace, just omit the Baileys for the kids, lol, you don't want them to drown.

  15. Que boa ideia! Eu nunca sei o que fazer às bananas velhas...
    E adicionar canela? Acho que ia bem com as bananas e o Baileys. Vou experimentar ;)

  16. Boa idea a canela Sara. Obrigada.

    Great idea to add cinnamon Sara. Thanks

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