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Australia Day - 26 January 2013

Australia Day - is the national day of Australia, which is celebrated on 26th January.

(photo from the net about Australians of the year 2013)
This day commemorates the arrival of the first fleet of 11 ships from Great Britain at Port Jackson (now Sydney Harbour) in 1788. Captain Arthur Philip established the Colony of New South Wales, which was the first penal colony in Australia.
This date has been celebrated since 1808, although only from 1946 was the name changed to Australia Day from the original "Foundation Day", "First landing day" or "Anniversary Day".

In 1938, in New South Wales, large scale celebrations were held which included the re-enactment of the landing of the First Fleet, but the convict status of many of the passengers was not mentioned. Shortly before the celebrations, a group of Aboriginal activists arranged a "Day of Mourning" to campaign for citizenship and equal rights. The Aboriginal people feel the celebrations exclude them and their culture which was thriving for thousands of years before the arrival of the First Fleet.

The original owners of this country - the Aboriginals - and their supporters call this day "Invasion day", and in recent years there has been some pressure to change the date of Australia Day. This movement has lacked support at both Federal and State Government levels, as they consider this day to be a significant day in Australian history.

In 2004 there was a Newspoll asking if Australia Day should be moved to another day not associated with the European settlement, but 79% favoured no change, 15% favoured a change and 6% had no opinion.

This is a public holiday in every state and territory with addresses from the Governor General and Prime Minister. 

On the eve of Australia Day, the honours lists of the Order of Australia and Australian of the Year Awards (for those who made an outstanding contribution to their country or community) are announced.
Citizenship ceremonies are also celebrated all over the country, welcoming immigrants who qualified to apply for citizenship.

This year, the Australian of the Year award was given to the great lady of media - Ita Buttrose. She was instrumental in opening door to women in the media industry. She was a former editor of the "Women's Weekly" magazine, and first female editor of an Australian newspapers, The Daily Telegraph.

You can read the linked article to find out more about the other deserving awarded candidates.

Big cities put on beautiful firework displays, sports events, people get together with friends for a picnic in the parks.
In Perth there will be international food markets, amusement areas, barbecue zones, laser and water shows, music concerts, a movie screening of the Australian "Best feature film of 2011" of "Red Dog" in Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth, an air show with various aerobatics displays with an helicopter flying a large Aussie flag over the Swan River at 7,30, water ski team show, culminating with a spectacular 30 minute Skyworks firework display at 8pm.
The soundtrack of the Skyworks is broadcast at Mix94.5 radio station and a delayed telecast is transmitted on Channel Seven tv at 10.30pm for those that missed the event or would like to watch it again.
Taken by me from South Perth foreshore in 2011

One of the fun events of the day is the Havainas Australia Day Thong Challenge - not the "underwear thong", but the "flip-flop" thong. 

(Havainas thong challenge at Cottesloe beach - photo from net)
This event is held at 5 beaches across the country - Cottesloe in Western Australia (Perth), Glenelg in South Australia (Adelaide), Torquay in Victoria (Melbourne), Bondi in New South Wales (Sydney) and Mooloolaba in Queensland (near Brisbane).
In 2006, the first World Record was set with 863 people participating in the longest line of inflatable airbeds on the sea. In 2012, Cottesloe Beach in Perth, beat the record with 2088 people, and 2013 is tipped to be bigger still.
It's too late to participate now, but this is also a charitable event raising funds for the local Nippers club at each of the State's beach. From the registration fee of $25 (online) or $30 (local) registration fee, $10 go to the charity.
After the events the participants can gather around the barbecues for something to eat.

Radio Station Triple J, hosts a Top 100  music countdown (at this moment, already started and in the 70's, counting from 100 to 1) on Australia Day, giving those that stay at home some background music.

I have only been here 6 years, but I find that most Australians show great pride in celebrating Australia Day.
Is it just a day to get together and have a couple of beers outdoors, wear the red and blue colours and wave the flag around?
I think it's more than that! They show pride in being Australian!

So, with so much to do and see an experience there sure is something that will excite you. 
I sure love the atmosphere and excitement of the day.


  1. Wonderful post Sami and excellent firework shots. Hope you have a super day and long weekend.

  2. Thanks Grace. Enjoy the long weekend too.

  3. Great Aus Day post. Love the shot of the fireworks on the river.

  4. Gostei muito! E o fogo de artifício deve ser um espectáculo inesquecível.
    ;-) Enjoy to the fullest!!
    Beijinhos!! :-)

  5. I had not heard of this thong event before today ... I found out my nieces and nephews participated at Glenelg yesterday.

  6. Thanks for visiting Jim.
    Sandra - o fogo de artificio de 30min e espectacular. Este ano dizem q foi o melhor.
    Obrigada JM.
    Hi Joan,thanks for visiting. The Havaianas event is quite a fun event as well as being a fund raiser.


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