Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday in the Kitchen

After a well attended Barbecue on the Perth foreshore, the Queen and the Duke departed Australia this afternoon. I didn´t attend the bbq, as I´m not too fond of crowds, although it would have been a fun and memorably occasion.
Instead I did my weekly shopping, then prepared and cooked 2 meals for the week - one of them being the Spinach tart, that I previously blogged about, as my son who is not too fond of vegetables liked it very much.
Spinach Tart
This time I added a few slices of Chorizo cut into cubes, 1 teaspoon of Mustard, 1 chopped onion and half a dozen chopped mushrooms. Don´t forget to squeeze the spinach very well after it is cooked, otherwise the tart will be a bit runny.

I also baked a Christmas cake - I will have to try it first as it was a new recipe from a Gluten free cookbook I have, far too easy, so the verdict is still out. Right now I have poured a bit of Port wine over the cake and will let it absorb it for a couple of days. If it is good I will post the recipe.

Christmas Cake

I then did a bit of weeding in the garden, and for the first time in months went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood for half and hour before the sun set. All very quiet except for a couple of people walking their dogs.

Photos taken on my walk
Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend too. xxx


  1. Hi Sami, sounds like you are having a relaxing weekend.

    It's Saturday 18.45 and we have just finished our BBQ. I do like the look of your spinach tart but sadly I am unable to eat dairy products any more.

    WE went to the local farmers market this morning and bought a piri piri pepper plant as I want to TRY and make my own piri piri sauce. I was given the recipe in Portuguese by our builder (I think it was him) and have just discovered it filed away in a draw.

    Not looking forward to the clocks going back I detest the dark evenings...I don't think they do that in Australia.

  2. Delicious post. The spinach tart sounds great. I look forward to hearing more about the cake. It looks tasty. :)

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  4. Hi Piglet, here in Australia we can get Lactose free milk and cream and cream cheese too. Because I´m lactose intolerant too I usually drink Rice milk, but cheeses don´t seem to affect me.
    They also change the clocks in Australia, but it´s a newish thing, and after a 3 year trial Perth voted against it, which means that we lag an extra hour behind the Eastern states (usually 2h to Sydney, but at the moment it´s 3h). The clocks changed a few weeks ago already.

    EC - I will be cutting up the cake soon and give to some "tasters" and if the majority like it, I will post the recipe. The cake does look good though, so I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  5. what a wonderful blog...cannot wait for your next post!!!!


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