Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Saving lives with CPR

As part of our ongoing education at the GP clinic where I work, a colleague and I took part today in the St.John´s Ambulance Basic Resuscitation course.

The course lasted 4 hours and we learned how to do CPR - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation technique, by doing compressions and mouth to mouth breathing in the manikins.
As we were doing our first tries someone came running into the hall asking for help as just across the road an elderly man had fallen off his motorized scooter and was lying on the road.
Our trainer ran out, pulled on his gloves and started checking the man. We could see across the road that he was bleeding. A few seconds later a couple of the trained volunteers crossed the road to check the injured man and an ambulance pulled up to drive the man to hospital as he had deep lacerations to his legs and arms.
The scooter was brought for safe keeping to the St John´s premises.
So a bit of fun (not for the injured man of course) was had with a live rescue.
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  1. Hi :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you love Perth (i grew up there) and I then moved to Adelaide for 15 years...I hope you love it there too.

    I was also a Medical Receptionist in both cities.

    Oh and your art...beautiful! I wish that was something else we had in common but my 9 year old is a more skilled artist than me :) I look forward to following your blog

  2. You may one day give a special gift of life to someone. I admire you for taking the course, It speaks highly of your character. I think it's wonderful the trainer was able to assist and aide the man until the ambulance came. I applaud you all! :)

  3. Thanks E.C. The course was actually part of our training at work (I´m a medical receptionist) but I´m sure it could be handy in the future.

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