Tuesday, 25 October 2011

10 Things You Didn't (need to) Know About Me

It´s meme time and I was lucky enough to be tagged by the world traveller Amanda, and that means that I have to write a post about 10 things you didn´t (and don´t need to?) know about me.
Hope I can think up of 10 interesting things to tell you!!

1 - I have always been shy, but the last couple of years I have been making a big effort to participate more in group conversations or to even make small chit-chat to strangers. (Maybe hitting 50 helped me unwind!!)

2 - I can´t use chopsticks although I love eating Chinese food. I have been shown mountains of time but just can´t seem to get the hang of it. And Chinese restaurants never give you knives, so I have trouble just using a fork to eat. Because I´me now gluten intolerant and don´t eat all Chinese foods anymore, I eat mainly rice and vegetable dishes.

3 - I like to have more than one craft project on the go at all times, I seem to get a bit bored doing just one thing until the end.

4 - The same for books - I usually start reading 2 or 3 books and alternate reading a few chapters from each.

5 - I have a sweet tooth, and would rather eat sweet than savoury food.

6 - I am a great dessert maker, and whenever we get invited to friend´s houses they always ask me to bring dessert. Somehow my cakes rarely turn out well. They get eaten nonetheless, mostly by me!!
My chocolate Mousse

7 - I´m not a sporty person, hated participating in sports in school and don´t follow much sport on TV either, apart from the Olympics which I enjoy.

8 - I love necklaces, have probably over 50 of them in various colours and always wear one matching my outfit. I have been collecting them over many years and a lot of friends knowing of my penchant give them to me as gifts.

9 -  I like to move furniture around all the time and redecorate, but because I try to do too much on my own, I then get backache from all the pushing and shoving, so I have put a stop to that....unless I have willing help.

10 - Just like Amanda, I have never been to Bali. When you live in Perth, it´s like saying you´ve never been out of your city. It´s cheaper and quicker to fly to Bali than to any other Australian city. I have heard good and bad things about Bali, so haven´t yet made up my mind if that is a place where I would like to go.

Finally, such a meme requires that I tag other blogging friends to have a go at the same thing.
So, taking inspiration from my meme write your own post on 10 things we don´t know about you!
Good luck, hope to read some interesting things about you!


  1. I enjoyed your post very much. I'm like you on the having several craft projects going on at once. lol
    Your photo of cake in a bowl is pretty. Is it baked in the bowl? I'd love to have the recipe. It looks mighty tasty. :)
    Great 10 things list. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. We have lots in common, quite a few of your snippets apply to moi, eg: love Chinese food but the chopsticks give me grief as well.
    Chocolate mousse looks divine, hey wanna come to Tassy for dinner!

  3. Well Sami, I was in Perth for 21 years and i didn't get to Bali either!

    I never used to be shy but after meeting my husband 12 years ago and getting married I somehow forgot there is a world outside of being a wife and mother and now I find I am turning 40 and almost frightened of other people.

    I am determined to make some changes when we move to Bangkok, we will be settling into a close expat community and it's a perfect time for me to practice being more normal and social

    I love reading things like this on's really interesting

    ps: I am fantastic with chopsticks but so bad in the kitchen my family would be worried if i offered to make dessert :)

  4. Lots of interesting stuff here Sami! I'm the same with books (although it's more a location thing with me - I tend to have books on the go in the bedroom, the living room, in my handbag, etc). And we are a good match: you're a good dessert maker and I'm a great dessert eater!!

  5. EC - the cake in a bowl is actually chocolate mousse, everybody loves it and I seem to make it every time we get invited to friends.
    Deb - Thanks for inviting me to dinner in Tassy, I actually just had a friend from there visiting me this past weekend.
    Expat wife - I think a small expat community will do the trick to enable you to be more outgoing.
    Amanda - I´m a good dessert eater too. Lately with husband away interstate (and only home on weekends) and son always busy at Uni with his end of year project, I sometimes make a dessert and will eat it on my own during 3 or 4 days! Very naughty!!

  6. Ola, Sami :-) Que desafio interessante! Logo que possa, respondo :-) Tambem adoro decoracao e reorganizacoes em casa ;-) and a I'm a great dessert eater too ;-))

  7. I love necklaces. We call it fantasy jewelry. I love the way you have displayed them. You are soooo creative. How did you make the board?

    the chocy mouse looks delicious!

  8. Hi Piglet, yes fantasy jewelry would be more appropriate. I had a picture frame, attached an mdf board at the back and screwed cup hooks all over the board, and the jewelry hangs from them.


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