Saturday, 1 August 2020

July Wrap-Up

Flowers from my garden

This month I met up with 2 retired colleagues for lunch, and it's always nice to catch up with them. They were such great colleagues when we worked together.
I also met up with two current colleagues for breakfast one Saturday, and with the lovely Grace, for lunch at Ikea.

A neighbour who I met through the Buy Nothing Group, invited me to her house to give her a quote to paint her dining room furniture. She wanted a green colour and I took her all the greens I had. She chose "Lichen", but sadly due to Covid, the Fusion Mineral paint stock in Australia is quite low and I don't have enough of the chosen colour to start the project.  
They come from Canada, and I've just heard again from my supplier that instead of expecting them next week, they think it will be end of August!
The Buy Nothing neighbour gave me a Hall table/coat rack, and I've started prepping it to be painted hopefully this weekend.

I had already started on this cupboard I've had in the garage for ages, and wanted to paint a few stripes on the doors, and leave the rest in the original wood, but I haven't been feeling the love for what I did and put it back in the garage until I get some inspiration.

And I did a happy dance when I sold the chest of drawers Grace had given me a couple of months ago, so I could revamp and sell.

I went to the Optician because of a a cloudy sensation over my left eye. My myopia has improved, which surprised me. She put some drops in my eyes and a while later I went back in for further investigation, but she couldn't find any reason for the cloudy sensation. 
A few days later, the sensation was still there, and I consulted one of our Doctors at the clinic to ask for his opinion. He thought I should see a proper Ophthalmologist and gave me a referral and I've booked an appointment for the 10th August. They seem to be quite busy as the one the Dr first recommended was only for the end of August. 

The Portuguese Women's Association of Western Australia organized a Christmas in July event at the South Fremantle Football club on Sunday 26th of July.
The Committee ladies, of which I'm a part of, had to go to the hall on Saturday, to decorate it with Christmas things, set up a Christmas tree, decorate the tables, etc.

Table with gifts for the kids, table with gift hampers/door prizes, Christmas tree with gifts for Variety Organization, table decoration

We also had to contribute Christmas dessert, and another lady and I had to make "rabanadas" (French toast), which is typically only made at Christmas time in Portugal.
I had already bought 5 French baguettes and cut them up into about 90 slices so they could harden.
When I returned from the Fremantle club on Saturday, I set about preparing the slices, by soaking them in milk that had been warmed up with sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon sticks.
The slices were then dunked into whisked eggs and fried a few at a time.
It was a very lengthy process, with a few changes in oil.  After sitting in absorbent paper for a few minutes they were then sprinkled with a mix of sugar and cinnamon.
They were so moist and delicious, but after frying 90 slices I don't want to fry anything else until Christmas time....the real one in December!

Rabanadas (French toast)

On Sunday the committee ladies had to be at the club 2 hours before the event to set up the various desserts on the cake stands. These stayed at the dessert table until after lunch when the waiters would put a stand on each table.
Guess what? When I saw the "rabanadas" I knew straight away those weren't mine, and sadly they were quite dry. Jose was major disappointed, even though he had eaten 5 or 6 of mine the night before.
Later when visiting friends at another table they told me how delicious the "rabanadas" were and I told them they most probably had eaten mine.

But apart from this, the food served by the team at Benny's Bar and Cafe was delicious, the musical entertainment by a few Portuguese singers was very good too.
The kids were delighted with face painting, and later in the day Father Christmas made an appearance to deliver a gift to each kid.
A representative of the Variety Organization came by to collect kids gifts that everyone who attended had been asked to contribute.
Each table got a cake stand and a variety of cakes and a plate of Portuguese Custard tarts. Delivering the cake stands and the food  (photos on right by Juliana Braz, the event photograher)

Cleide and I in charge of checking the guests, the Committee members and our table. (all photos from Juliana Braz, the event photographer)

I have also started sewing the new cushions for my patio, but I've also ran out of fabric, as my local Spotlight only had 3 metres of the turquoise fabric. I visited the store again today, but they haven't yet received more, so it's all on standby. The cane chairs have all been oiled though, so just waiting on the new pillows.

And of course with the cold weather my cats can be found curled up sleeping most of the day, although the other day when I arrived home from work Twiggy was sitting behind the lounge blinds looking out to the street.

Fluffy sleeping, Twiggy at the window. 

And Friday as I arrived at my French teacher's house I spotted this beautiful sunset.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. The cats, of course, must be my favourites.

    1. Cats are always a favourite :) Thanks William

  2. ...Sami, your July was filled to the brim, now start filling August.

  3. Beautiful flowers, delicious food and adorable cats. What a wonderful July recap.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Sami. ♥

  4. Dearest Sami,
    That was a month of July full with meetings and events.
    Surprising that you all can meet without restrictions to seating and keeping social distance, even with an arm around each others' shoulder.
    The desserts sound like yummy, sorry that you got to eat somebody else's drier version!
    One wonders nowadays why supplies are running low and at times, way too late for delivery. Not a good time for the world.
    The flowers to right, from your garden, look incredible. Wonder what they are.
    Hope your fabric will soon arrive so you can at least complete one of your projects easily.

    1. We've been lucky that in Western Australia we haven't had community transmission for a while Mariette. Borders are still closed to other States though and anyone flying in goes straight to a 14 day hotel quarantine.
      The flowers are both from succulent plants - the white ones from the Jade plant (Crassula), and the pink ones from a Kalanchoe Lavender scallops.

    2. You indeed have been lucky!
      Never have seen the flowers of the Kalanchoe Lavender scallopt; so exotic!

  5. I am sure your rabanadas were the best. Are you learning french? Great!
    Your flowers are amazing
    Have a great weekend

    1. They were Paula. Next lot will be made at Christmas time :)
      The flowers are both succulents.

    2. Forgot to say, yes I'm having French lessons. Started towards the end of last year, as I've forgotten most of what I learned in school and my son in law's parents are French and don't speak much English, so I'm just trying to learn a bit so we can communicate better :)

  6. What cold weather! Next week here a succession of 12 degrees. Your French Toast sounds great, but oh how right now could I indulge myself with a Portuguese tart. You certainly aren't boring.

    1. We have been lucky with the weather, just cold after sunset, otherwise we've been having quite warm days with temperatures up to 22/23C some days. A Portuguese tart is always welcome in my house too Andrew :)

  7. It's like we live on two different planets, Sami. Your planet looks like mine did at this time last year. Mine is filled with masks, social distancing, and latex gloves. I couldn't believe the difference in your July and mine. You are SO lucky and that party looks out of this world. Wonderful photos of the month. Of course, the cats were an awesome touch. Hope your eye appointment goes well. Something to (not) look forward to in August.

    1. We have been quite lucky in Western Australia Elizabeth, there's been no community transmission for quite a while and we are mostly living a normal life with a few cautions.

  8. Another busy month Sami. It must be a little frustrating not to be able to finish projects because of lack of paint/material etc. So happy you had success with the drawers you painted. We're just about to start our bathroom renovation, wish me luck 😉

    1. Yes, frustrating I can't carry on with some things, but I still have plenty to keep me occupied. Good luck with your renovations Grace.

  9. Mais um mês com grande variedade de atividades.
    Boa semana.
    ; )

  10. It´s fun to read, Sami. T and I always ... often... meet up at IKEA, too!
    Weeee, you can make up a second business with your craft! Seriously. Oh, you did already!

    Hope your eye turns out OK! I have blurred vision often, too (scary), but my Brother atm has no time to take care of me as thanks to Corinna he has his two kids and has to take care of his business in half the time!

    Really. I could´ve joined you, we have Christmas stuff at the stores already :-(
    Sorry, but you made me laugh about the 90 (!!) toasts!
    Last time, really, my Grandma made that for us (Arme Ritter). If my sweet tooth wakes up I call my Bro to ask for her recipe!
    Or you! :-)
    Oh, I so hope Wee One still believes in Father Christmas - ha, she will be scared come November, I guess!
    Beautiful captures of your cats, and ohhh, that sunset!
    I just found a pic of "Mr. Mikesh", it made me so sad, he died two years ago. He was blind on one eye, yet kept looking after me at night. Cats are the sweetest (was my SIL´s cat, they now have a new one but thanks to Corinna.... I haven´t met him yet).


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