Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Walking around the city with the family

Having visiting family meant I had to show them around the city. 
It was my brother in law's first visit to Perth, so it was all new to him, and even though my daughter and son in law have been to Perth quite a few times, there were a few new things to show them, such as: Elizabeth Quay, Perth Arena, street art...

PERTH CITY - Buildings & statues

Top from L to R: St George's Cathedral, Perth City Library, mix of old and new,
Bottom from L to R: Supreme Court & gardens, Escalon (statue) and Queens Gardens.
Elizabeth Quay
They all loved Elizabeth Quay and my son in law whose favourite city is Sydney, thought Perth had now gone up in his ranking!                                

I also took them to the rear of the Forrest building in St. George's Terrace in the city centre, which I'm sure is overlooked by many tourists.
Behind is a lovely garden with ponds and statues as well as a replica of Alexander Forrest's residence, which had originally stood on this site, and was demolished in 1981. 
The brick house is home to a pub - Rigby's Bar & Grill.

Behind Forrest buildings - the replica of Alexander Forrest's house, gardens, ponds and statues
Perth's newest statues -(first two) : in the Kings Square precinct near Perth Arena, (last two) : at Elizabeth Quay

Some of Perth's Christmas decoration - I loved the mirror boxes with black swan shaped ribbons

Sometime in the afternoon my husband called me to say that Perth Arena would be opening it's doors to Roger Federer's first training session for the Hopman Cup. 
We weren't too far away so we rushed there and were amazed at the huge crowd waiting to go in.
My brother in law plays tennis and is a big fan of Roger Federer so he was super excited!

With the exception of myself the whole family would then go and watch a match on the 2nd January, but unfortunately due to some booking glitch it wasn't Roger Federer.

Roger Federer at the Perth Arena training session on 29th December 2016

After the tennis and having walked about 11km during the whole day it was time to return home.
My son and daugher in law (and baby) joined us for a fancy French style dinner which was prepared by my daughter and son in law (who is French).


Here you can see the Entree which consisted of beetroot, radish, pine nuts, avocado, salmon, cream cheese, and the little tumbler has prawn and kiwi. Strange combinations I know, but it all tasted wonderful.
The two desserts were a tumbler with chocolate & pistachio cream (left over from the macaroon filling) and a strawberry sprinkled with cinnamon, and 4 home made macaroons filled with chocolate, pistachio and lemon cream.
We couldn't have asked for a better family dinner!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Perth, what did you like most?

29 Dec 2016


  1. Oh, I can´t decide! Perth is just beautiful.
    The statues near the Arena must be impressive in reality, sad we missed them.
    The desserts look like they´re really made with love.

    1. Well something for the next visit Iris. I actually just saw them because I went looking for the 3 cows around Perth Arena, otherwise I wouldn't know they were there, as it's a brand new area in the city.
      They certainly were made with love.

  2. Perth seems lovely! And what a treat for family dinner!

    1. Thanks Paula, it was a fabulous dinner!
      And yes, I may be biased by I love Perth, such a livable city, although I also like old cities like Lisbon and other European cities with the old history which we don't have in Perth.

  3. I have to leave in 10 minutes, so don't have time to peruse this. I'll be back later today, though.

  4. There is a lot to be proud of for you about Perth. Kings Park overlooking the city must be its best feature but for a little more recent, the Quay is shaping up very nicely.

    1. I agree Andrew, Kings Park is the jewel in the crown! Elizabeth quay is looking great right now, don't know when all the planned buildings go up...might get a bit crowded and poor Bells tower will be dwarfed among them.

  5. I bet you thought I wasn't going to return, but here I am, back and mesmerized.

    Your city sure loves the Queen. And of course, they love their black swans. I've only seen one (our zoo has it), but it was as real joy to see.

    I want to know what the "thing" (building, statue, etc.) that looks like a ship in the lower right photo of the second set of images is (it's in Elizabeth Quay).

    You definitely have a lovely city, and I was most impressed with it all. We have no really tall buildings in my city, so these are just AWESOME. You gave us a wonderful tour, and I really enjoyed seeing places most tourists probably miss or bypass.

    1. Thanks for returning Elizabeth. There are quite a few places named after the Queen and she has visited Perth a few times.
      The ship like building is Swan Bells Tower - you can read about it in this post when I visited it for "Open House Perth" -
      It's shaped like the wings of the swans, and our Swan River is also named after Perth's black swans.
      Apart from the city centre and across the river in the suburb of South Perth there aren't that many other tall buildings in the suburbs. And if you like the black swans my next posts will have lots of them, as we spent a day at a friend's house by the river and the swans and ducks come to eat from our hands.

  6. Wow, what a great day! I would love to explore Perth on its own, but on top of that you got to watch Federer and finish off with a homemade french dinner at home! The dishes looked very interesting and tasty.
    I also liked the red star in the Christmas decorations. It reminds me of the red-star-shaped lamps swedes use to decorate their windows during Christmas time.

    1. Thanks Sara, it certainly was a good day!

  7. Thanks for the tour, only the diner I can't taste from the computer...

    1. Thanks Marianne, I assure you it tasted great, lol.

  8. That was a delicious reward for being such a brilliant tour guide Sami 😊 well deserved!

  9. It is great to see the tennis and to watch some of the Hopman Cup on the TV. It was a good advert for Perth, lucky you to see Roger Federer. I have't see him live here at the Aus Open but I am hoping he makes the final which we are going to!
    Wren x

    1. Roger Federer's visit was really a great advert for Perth! I do hope he makes the final, he's such a nice guy...and talented too. Lucky you going to watch the final Wren!

  10. Thanks for the tour, Sami ! Beuatiful shots !


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