Friday, 22 April 2016

Personalised Number Plates I

For the last couple of years I've been collecting photos of interesting number plates that I see during my drives around Perth, and I've photographed over 500 of them.

In Australia if you wish to chose a personalised number plate for your car you just have to pay a yearly fee for the privilege.

There's hardly a week that goes by that I don't find an interesting one - sometimes I find them humorous, they have a meaning, but occasionally I just can't understand what they mean...

Here are a few of them, hope you find them amusing.

One of my favourites - Are we there yet ? - Typical kids question when travelling long distances! At least it was what my kids would ask us when we traveled!

 Scallywag = Rascal, mischievous.

I ate too much  - don't know if he meant, was the car big or was it the owner who was big?

Ferrari - a self-explanatory one, a nice red Ferrari!

And now a few "pink" number plates - there must be a lot of ladies who love pink -  "So into pink", "Into pink" and "In the pink"

And the last pink plate - Boo Boos = silly mistake or small injury.
Was the car a mistake? Or it is just a funny name?

Hope you enjoyed a small sample of my collection. Next time I'll show you some blue number plates.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Muito engraçadas!
    Fiquei muito curiosa pelas próximas. ;-)
    Bom fim-de-semana!

    1. Obrigada Sandra, bom fim de semana para si tambem.

  2. It´s a yearly fee? Here you pay once (well, you cannot have such cool ones, certainly, you always have to have your city first)

    I have an Australian children´s book "are we there yet" :-)
    I had to look up "Rascal" and yourself one (if "Schelm" is what you mean, that is!)
    Niece´d love the pink stuff!
    BOO BOOS, though... reminds me of the person who caused lots of damage in our quarter and was never caught.
    €300 for my old car I have to pay, also (not only) due to that unknown person...
    Never such fun plates here (as you know).
    Have a wonderful weekend yourself, Sami.
    Today was sunny, 15 C, weekend will be rainy and cold, oh, well, April, right?

    1. I think they pay a very high one off fee to have that type of number plate, not sure if they have to pay extra. I have a friend with her name on the plate, maybe I should ask her!
      No, Schelm is a harsher word, I think "Lausbub" is more it, more playful.
      We had 32C today, too warm for Autumn again, tomorrow rain is on the cards and lower temperatures coming...
      Hopefully the causer of the "boo boos" gets caught and has to pay all that damage! Shocking, I hope your insurance covered the cost.

  3. Glad you gave the translations otherwise I hadn't understood what they all meant.

    1. Hi Mariette, sometimes I can't understand the meaning of some of those plates either, I presume they must have some sort of hidden meaning to the owners. Other times only after reading it a few times can I figure out what the meaning is and it's fun to try and decipher them.
      Have a great weekend.

  4. I think they're fun too Sami, but there's no way I'd ever want one :)

    1. Too expensive, and I wouldn't know what to put in it, and it makes your car mores conspicuous too.

  5. Great creative collection Sami! You must be the first collecting photos of funny license plates. I'm glad you translate them for us, because for some of them it would taken me quite a while!

    1. Thanks Sara.I actually don't know anyone else who photographs number plates...there are some I can't decipher either, I presume they must just have a private meaning.


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