Saturday, 31 October 2015

Weekend Projects III - Indoor and Outdoor

Remember this entry hall project started back in September? It's been finished for a couple of weeks - there's a new blue and cream rug, I changed the picture in the far wall (a replica of a Gaugin painted by myself ages ago) and the mirror went from being hung vertically to horizontally.

Looks more modern and sophisticated and has more storage space.

Entry hall - After
Entry Hall - Before
And what did I do with this little telephone seat? It's being converted into a coffee table for the lounge -  I will show you as soon as it's painted...

Hall seat being converted into coffee table

Just outside the front door I hung the little porcelain name plate that I bought at a fair in Sintra when we went to Portugal in March. It was quite unexpected when I found one with our family name.

In our bedroom, this picture frame to the right of the mirror was spray painted (it was the same colour as the mirror before) and I screwed a lot of cup hooks and my long necklaces now have more room. They had all been hanging in the smaller frame to the left (which was originally green). So the left one holds the shorter necklaces, the one to the right holds the longer necklaces.

As you can see I'm a big fan of necklaces in all colours of the rainbow! I hardly ever leave home without a necklace that matches my outfit...

The necklaces now have a roomy place to be hung

Longer necklaces
Shorter necklaces

I also spray painted this footstool in orange. It's part of our patio furniture, and this specific one was bought at an op-shop a while ago for $5.
The rest of the cane furniture  has been re-varnished and is ready for summer. 
The orange/white cushions were all sewed by me and my daughter in law just before last Christmas.

The footstool is now orange
Our former barbecue was dismantled and thrown out during verge collection in September, I today I varnished it and my husband will have to put a top over it so it will serve as a side table next to our new charcoal barbecue. I'll show it again when it's ready!

BBQ table being varnished
Another job which I did today was to dismantle my husband's desk which I want to paint in white.
Right now it's all been sanded and is ready to be spray painted with the spray gun tomorrow,if it's not too windy ... It will be white to go with the new colour scheme in the third bedroom/guest room.
I had thought of buying a new Ikea desk, but why spend money when we had a perfectly good desk at home?

Wooden desk dismantle and sanded, ready to be painted

As you might notice from the two photos above our outdoor cement floor still needs painting. That will hopefully be the last job to be done in November, after all our painting jobs, garden jobs, etc, etc are done!


  1. Excellent transformation in the entryway. Goodness, you are doing a whole lot of revamping. It all looks great.

    1. Thanks Tammy. We are getting guests for Christmas and it has spurred us to get things done quicker.

  2. O Hall ficou um espectáculo, Sami! Com muito mais vida, mais cor: o quadro, o tapete,...Parabéns!
    Também gostei muito do banco em laranja do jardim. Parabéns a si e à sua nora pelas almofadas. Muito bonitas.
    E os colares tão bem arrumados...
    Vou ficar atenta às próximas transformações e novidades. ;-)
    Bom fim-de-semana!

    1. Obrigada Sandra. Em breve mostrarei a renovação do jardim e a mobília do pátio com as almofadas que fizemos.

  3. Dearest Sami,
    Well, you are a very talented lady and your husband seems to be a handy man too.
    Always love to see that; exactly the way we too roll.
    Love your entry hall and that name plaque was screaming at you for being taken home. So typical for Portugal and for Spain I would say and I love it.
    The footstool is magazine worthy and you and your daughter-in-law did a remarkable job on the cushion.
    And the barbecue table no doubt will look great when ready as well as the desk.
    Oh and how clever to use those cup hooks for hanging your necklaces.
    Very clever and organized.
    Enjoy the coming outdoor season.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Thanks for the compliments Mariette. Luckily my husband is a great handymen, although he's not always too keen to do stuff, he complains he already works enough at work!
      Yes, I'm looking forward to the outdoor season.

  4. I am amazed to see how you change things so clever and easy, as if I am looking in a "do it yourself magazine"!

    1. Thanks Marianne, I love to renovate!

  5. Wow, that´s a lot of work you´ve done! The hall really looks brighter and awww, that orange footstool!
    Love all those necklaces - I´m always too "lazy", probably because the solution I have for hanging involves opening each necklace first...
    The wheelbarrow is cute, too!

    1. Well spotted Iris! That old wheelbarrow was left here when we bought the house.
      I have another one I found at a verge collection, painted both in light green and planted them with flowers. They have to be on bricks to avoid getting rusty as they don't have wheels.
      Our outdoor area is now in orange and turquoise.

    2. Orange and turquoise sounds beautiful! Reminds me a bit of our red and green.

  6. Gosh Sami you are a whizz at the do it yourself! I love what you've done here, brilliant idea re using the frames for your necklaces, so nice and easy to find what you're looking for. Your entry hall looks so much more up to date, looove your new picture hanging up there. Do you have much more to do before your guests arrive? We have only one room left to paint, it's just finding the time :)

    1. Thanks Grace. That picture was painted by myself a few years ago, a copy of a "Gaugin". I always loved his colourful pictures so had to have one!
      The necklaces are so much easier to find, all sorted by colour.
      Almost finished with the back garden, still the bbq for my husband to do (maybe next year), one of the guest rooms is ready for my parents and still have to buy a sofa bed for the other guest room for our other friend who is coming. My husband's "painted" desk will go in that room too. Hopefully all done by the end of this month as the guests arrive on the 2nd December!!

  7. Lovely transformations! I really love the adventuresome orange footstool. And your entry is so warm and inviting!

    1. Thanks J. I'm on a painting spree with orange and turquoise!

  8. WOW, you are creative!! Well done! I LOVE the ORANGE footstool. Fantastic!

  9. We have a lot of unused items and junk stuff at home, how I wish I am as handy and creative as you to turn them into useful items.

    1. Maybe you can sell that stuff and make some extra money and someone else can reuse it. Thanks for your visit Agnes.

  10. You are so creative and handy! I really enjoy reading your posts about the transformation of old pieces into new modern items. The hall looks great now and I love the name plate. So portuguese... ;)

    1. Thanks Sara, it was a good surprise when I saw the name plate at a fair in Sintra, so I had to buy it!
      I have had some of my furniture for close to 20 years, but because they are good pieces I feel bad about giving them away or selling them for almost nothing, so I prefer to transform them if I can.


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