Monday, 16 February 2015

The Giants are gone but not forgotten!

While on Friday I had a front row seat to the Little Giant Girl event in the city, today (Sunday) was completely different.
On Saturday there were 400,000 people, but today it was estimated that 600,000  to 800,000 watched the Marionettes. In total during the 3 days it's estimated that 1,4 million people watched the show. 
In a city of 1,5 million, it means almost everyone saw the show!

Snoring in each other's arms

Today I arrived at Langley Park at 9,15 AM and I already found a ring around the Giants that must have been 30 to 40 people deep! I was meant to meet up with my German blogger friend but it was impossible to get by, so I just stayed where I was.

Waking up to the sound of music

The Little Girl slept in the Giant's arms, both snoring loudly. After some Didgeridoo music, at 10,30AM the pair woke up to the cheers of the crowd.

The Little Girl was then hoisted up and performed a dance in the air while the Diver watched with a bemused smile.

Dancing away in the air
The Diver watches the girl dance in the air
Then he had his heavy diving helmet put on, and he too was hoisted up, and then both walked around the park. At that stage I wanted to move closer to the river's edge, which took me half an hour to negotiate, so that I could eventually see them depart down the river.

Putting the diving helmet on
Both  Giants walking around Langley Park

After some speeches by the WA Premier and some Anzac ceremonies, both Giants were hoisted onto a barge in the River Swan.
There were hundreds of people on boats, rubber-ducks, canoes, etc, and I think they probably had the best uninterrupted view of the Giants.

 After the marionettes were hoisted by cranes and put on the barge, another boat blew a lot of smoke around them, while the barge moved slowly through all the boats.
Being hoisted on to the barge
Smoke all around them

Slowly they made their way past the area where I stood and went towards the port city of Fremantle, with most of those boats following them for a well deserved farewell back to their home country of France.

On their way to Fremantle

This was and will be for sure one of the most memorable shows Perth will ever see, and I felt very privileged to have been able to see it. 
Well done to Royal de Luxe, they deserve 3 cheers!

The crowds in the area where I was
The huge chair where the Little Girl sat on Saturday


  1. wow Sami you live in such an interesting place, every story you share seems better than the last! thanks for showing us your lovely city once again.

  2. Thanks Gill. I do think Perth is stepping up, and lately has had some wonderful events. Perth can no longer be considered a dull city!

  3. Well done Sami you got amazing shots of the Giants, we were so lucky to have them here.

  4. Wow, you really got some great shots, Sami - good thing you did not find me but the other way round later!


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