Sunday, 30 June 2013


On Friday 21st June I took an extremely early flight from Perth to Sydney at 5,30am, to enable me to be there by 11,30h (4h flight + 2h time difference) so I could still have some time to walk around at leisure. My son's wedding would be on Saturday, so there wouldn't be much more time to wander around...
I would be joined later by my husband, who would be flying from Adelaide after work.

My son and his bride picked me up from the airport and took me to The Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments near Darling harbour, our home for the weekend. 
I checked in and was quite surprised at value we got for the wonderful location - the hotel has a walkway to Darling Harbour which meant we could be in the middle of the action in a few minutes. There was a Car park next to the hotel where the car could be parked for $25 a day, and of course we had asked for a harbour view room, which meant we had a wonderful panoramic view of the city centre.
After check-in the three of us went for lunch at Adria restaurant in the harbour. After lunch the bridal couple left as they still had some errands to run, and armed with my camera I went sightseeing. This would be my third time in Sydney, but still some things are worth revisiting!

Darling Harbour from the Adria restaurant (the brown building peeking on the left is the Oaks hotel where we stayed)
First, I took a ride on the Sydney Monorail. After 25 years, it is going to be demolished to make way for a new Convention Centre. The last trip it would take would be today, 30th June, so I too wanted a farewell ride around town.

The Sydney monorail
After going twice around the circuit I got out at the Queen Victoria Building station. Originally the site of municipal markets, the building was restored in the 1980's to house three floor of upmarket shops and beautiful cafes. The floors with tessellated tiles, columns and beautiful stained glass windows add to the charm. Even if you don't want to spend big bucks, you can always sit at one of the cafes and absorb the atmosphere or walk around and soak up the beauty of this wonderful building. 

One of the two gigantic clocks with Australian figurines
The other clock - with British figurines

The stained glass dome
One of the beautiful stained glass windows
Tassellated tiles, arches and columns
Queen Victoria keeps watch over her building
Cityscape with Sydney tower
After a few hours walking and with sore feet I returned to the hotel to await my husband's arrival. My son had booked a dinner table for 8 pm. for some of the bridal party at Gloria's Restaurant, in the suburb of Petersham where there's a big Portuguese community.
It was close to 7 pm when my husband called on his way from the airport to say he was close and I went downstairs to wait for him and then just climb into the car and drive away to the restaurant.
Dinner was lively and the food was delicious. It had been ages since I had the Portuguese Meringue Pudding so had to end my meal with this most decadent of puddings.

Pork and Clams (Carne de Porco a Alentejana)
Seafood Rice (Arroz de Marisco)
The Yummiest and most decadent Portuguese Meringue Pudding (Molotoff)
It was late at night when we returned to our hotel for a well deserved rest.
We would have an early day on Saturday for our son's wedding! 
That will be in the next post...


  1. Que linda fotos, Sami! O local - ai os relógios..., fiquei in love - e a comidinha, yummy, yummy...Maravilha, tudo!

  2. Obrigada Sandra. Eu ja estava com saudades da nossa comidinha Portuguesa, foi uma boa oportunidade de comer certas coisas q geralmente nao cozinhamos em casa.

  3. Fabulosas perspectivas, grandes fotos, Sami!

  4. Lindas fotos, viagem deliciosa! Beijos!

  5. Great moments and shots about this megapolis. I've never been to Sydney so many thanks for sharing these details. Have a great day and greetings from Hungary.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Miklos.

  7. So funny that you have a Portuguese district in Sydney, Sami. Home from home! :)
    It does look the most beautiful place, even aside from the food.

  8. How fab Sami. My son also lives and got married in Sydney, it was such a lovely wedding. Aimee and I are hoping to get over to Sydney later this year, I try to go at least once a year to see Dave..I like the sound of the hotel you stayed in very much, will have to google it. Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding..I spoke to Dave today and he said the weather was really perfect over there.

  9. Joanne - I think only Sydney has a Portuguese suburb where you can get bakeries, restaurants, travel agencies, etc...with Portuguese speaking staff.

  10. Grace - I like the Sydney city centre, but wouldn't like living there, too rushed for my liking.
    The hotel was good value and of course we requested an apartment with harbour view.

  11. :) wow, as tuas fotos aki estão fantasticas tb.
    :) deve ser fantastico tudo isso!!!

    n sei se viste este meu outro blog,o blog só das minhas criatividades, pode ser k te agrade!!

    enjoy. beijinho***


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