Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy 80th Birthday dad

Today 11th March is my Dad's 80th birthday!
My husband, I and visiting daughter and partner, are on our way to Exmouth!  A long road trip ...over 3000
km return!! Since I am away and will not be able to skype and wish my Dad a Happy Birthday, I wrote this post to let him know that he will be on our minds in this very special day of his life.

These last 3 weeks have been a bit hectic - first trying to finish our bathroom renovations ....then my birthday on 2nd March, the arrival of my daughter and partner from France on 3rd March, daughter's birthday on 8th March , for which we threw a big party with all our Australian "family", then on 10th March, packed our car for the start of our trip, which I will write about after our return. 

My handsome dad on his wedding day - May 1959
I am happy that Dad is in relatively good health and fitness for his age, or maybe even better than a lot of younger people!
A few years ago he discovered his artistic side and started painting in oils, painting porcelain and later veered into photography.
He now carries his camera around everywhere taking dozens of photos that he posts onto an online photography site, and he gets a lot of comments about his photo shots. 
I probably take after him with my interest in photography too... I just received a new camera for my birthday from my two kids, which I am very excited about, and have been taking photos the last couple of days to experiment. It was a great gift just in time for our trip.

I just didn't inherit Dad's love of singing and good singing voice, which luckily both my nieces, my eldest nephew and my daughter have inherited. My dad was a "singer" in his younger days, and sang live on radio, in those far away days when there was no social media to propel him into stardom...He still sings at family get-togethers and birthday parties or anywhere else when friends request.

Dad singing in the 60's
Dad singing in 2012

Dad attends the Senior University of Sintra, in Portugal, participating in the choir, art classes and dancing, for which he has even won some competitions.
He and Mom lead very active social lives which is good for body and mind.

With the 3 daughters and my Mom- me and my youngest sister at each end and middle sister on floor

With grandchildren in Portugal - my son and daughter at each end, and my two nieces

Dad with youngest daughter and 2 youngest grandchildren (from South Africa) when they all visited Perth, December 2007

Perth, December 2007

My parents on their 50th Wedding anniversary in May 2009
My parents in December 2012
Sadly we were unable to visit them in Portugal to be together for his birthday. Maybe next year....
Happy Birthday Dad. We all wish you a most wonderful day.

Feliz Aniversario, um grande abraçde todos nós.


  1. Sami, how great of you to share this beautiful tribute to your father on his special day! Your parents are beautiful people,both of them. It is good that they are staying active and alert and still continuing to learn, all the while. Again, thanks for sharing this time with your readers.

  2. Linda homenagem...Espectacular....

  3. Wow your Dad keeps busy for an 80 year old, and they both look so young! Enjoy your trip

  4. happy birthday to your Dad thanks for sharing, my husband is Portuguese and they are such good looking people. He doesnt look 80.

  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments - I also think my parents looks very good and active for their age.

  6. Thanks Lynn, both my parents look quite good for their age.
    Obrigada Fernando.
    Thanks Gill. We had a great trip, just returned last night, will write some posts about it soon.
    Thanks Ailsa, yes both look younger than their age.

  7. Bonita homenagem! Por coincidência, hoje é Dia do Pai aqui. :-)

  8. Love this post Sami, your parents look wonderful..gosh your Dad certainly keeps himself busy, the secret to his well being I think..

  9. Thanks Grace, yes I also think the secret is keeping busy and having many interests.


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