Thursday, 28 February 2013

A - Z of Australia - Z is for Zoo

Last year at the end of September I went to Adelaide, in South Australia and visited their wonderful Zoo.

To tell you the truth I think the last time I had visited a Zoo was probably about 15 to 20 years ago when my kids were small. 
Even though I have been in Perth for 6 years I never visited Perth Zoo, not even when I had overseas visitors... there are so many more things to see, that I never thought to visit it.

But when I heard that the only Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere were at the Adelaide Zoo, I had to go and see them!
Pandas are a big attraction in any zoo in the world, no wonder Adelaide Zoo is so popular!

Wang Wang (Net Net) and Funi (Lucky Girl) were chosen for their genetics so that they will eventually breed. They were both born at the Panda Research Centre in Woolong, China, Wang Wang in August 2005 and Funi a year later in August 2006. Pandas can live up to the age of 25 to 30 years.
Wang Wang is very placid and laid back and loves to snooze, while Funi is very active, playful and curious.


The playful Funi climbing a tree

Aren't they so adorable?
Apart from the Pandas, Adelaide Zoo has lots of other wonderful animals.
I managed to spend over 5 hours walking around the zoo visiting every single animal in the zoo and zipped around the zoo to be present at the various feeding times and talks - sea lions, hippos, lions, the tiger,  pelicans, penguins... (time-table available from entrance booth).
In the Children's Zoo enclosure animals can be fed with purchased animal food, but feeding is banned in all the other areas of the zoo.

Sea Lions - show time while feeding

Meerkat enclosure
Another Meerkat stretched in the shade

Little Penguins
Hippopotamus Pool

Sadly, Janice the hippo had died just the week before my visit, on 12 Sept. 2012
Children's Zoo - Petting zoo, where little animals were kept

Children's Zoo - houses with ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits...
The wonderful Children's Zoo area is the ideal place for the kids to enjoy a close encounter with smaller animals, who can be touched and fed. There are over 120 small animals in this area - chickens, goats, deer, kangaroos, guinea pigs, ferrets, koalas, quokkas, rabbits, sheep, wallabies.
Who wouldn't want to be a kid to experiment all of these cute animals?

Langurs with their golden child born in August 2012. Langurs are born with orange hair but become darker as they grow. Originating from South Asia.

Brazilian Tapir

Cape Barren Goose

Australian Cassowary - related to the Emu and Ostrich

A female White Cheeked Gibbon (males are dark coloured)

I also watched the Lions being fed...they scared the crowd by roaring constantly

Collared Peccary - from Central and South America - related to pigs and hippos.

Oriental small clawed Otter 

The hungry Pelicans awaiting their feed

The Flamingos - are the oldest animals in the Adelaide zoo, one arrived in 1933, the other in 1948.
The two giraffes ran around their enclosure and loved watching the car park over the wall
The giraffes seemed to me to be in a far too small enclosure, when I think that they have such huge areas to run around in Africa...
I later chatted to one of the Zoo keepers and he assured me the giraffes were happy, playful and curious, played with each other and loved to watch the car park over one of the walls of their enclosure.

There are very interesting behind the scenes tours of the Zoo, where you can pay a "handsome" fee to be able to play zoo-keeper for a day,  feed some of the animals, or learn more about the running of the zoo.

Adelaide Zoo is this month celebrating 130 years with some special events.
I was so glad I visited this zoo and quite pleased that animals were so well looked after and happy.

Have you been to a zoo lately? Did you enjoy the experience?

PS - Believed to be one of the world 's oldest flamingos- Greater, one of Adelaide Zoo's two flamingos died  today 30 January 2014 at the age of 83. 


  1. I also have not been to a zoo in years, but I did enjoy all your photos.

  2. Excelentes fotografias de belos animais....

  3. My husband and I buy purchase annual memberships for the zoological society through Riverbanks Zoo here in S.C.(US). We enjoy taking our grown children our five grandchildren. We all enjoy it very much. We have not had an opportunity to see any of the pandas, as yet. What a wonderful day you must have had! We have visited the koalas, which I am sure you would know more about than we do. They are wonderful animals.

  4. Thanks for visiting Lynn. You will love the Pandas if you get a chance to see them in the U.S. zoos. We see plenty of koalas, in park mostly, I have only seen wild ones in the East coast.

  5. Obrigada pela visita Fernando. Tem fotos lindissimas no seu blog.

  6. Eu tenho mixed feelings em relação a Zoos, mas fico contente por ver que, cada vez mais em toda a parte, as condições em que os animais são mantidos, já lhes conferem uma certa dignidade em vida. O panda é demais! :-)

  7. I cant believe you reached "Z"! Congratulations. Nice pictures of the pandas. And I never knew flamingos could live so long!

  8. Lovely Light - I am almost at the end of the A-Z,skipped X and Y but will come up with something soon.
    I didn't know either that flamingos lived such long lives.

    JM - Tambem tenho pena de ver animais em espacos demasiado pequenos em comparacao com os seus habitats, mas fiquei encantada com o Zoo de Adelaide e as condicoes fabulosas em que os animais eram mantidos. Os Pandas sao adoraveis, apetece mesmo dar-lhes uma festa.

  9. I absolutely love zoos!!! I love taking pictures of the animals and I love observing all of their (sometimes so human) expressions and acts. I think it is more fun to visit zoos with children, but lately I have visited just with my boyfriend and it's fun as well.

    I haven't seen pandas yet :(
    But I saw a lot of koalas and wallabies in Australia which made me very happy :)

    (reparei agora que este comentário saiu em inglês...)

  10. This being Z must be the last of your series, Sami? Well done. Because I was daft enough to take on two I'm still only halfway there!
    Happy birthday,hon. The last zoo I visited was in San Diego and there were pandas there too. Aren't they adorable?

  11. I thought you'd finished your A-Z until I saw your comment about X and Y - always tricky ones! Great photos and the pandas are so cute. I expect the conditions the animals are kept in in Australia are better than the ones in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I saw some very miserable looking animals there. I too have mixed feelings about zoos but although the animals are better off in the wild, I appreciate the opportunity to see creatures I would never normally encounter, like the white tiger in Ho Chi Minh City, so I can't condemn them completely.

  12. HI Joanne - I skipped the X and Y - I have something for the Y and can't think of anything for X!

    Julie - I think the animals in Australian zoos are well cared for. I would think in Vietnam the conditions wouldn't be as good, what a pity.

  13. You should have a trip to our Zoo, I know there are many mixed feelings about zoos, I have them myself, but Perth zoo is definitely one of the better ones as far as treatment of the animals go. Excellent panda shots Sami.


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