Monday, 13 August 2012

A - Z of Australia - L is for London Court

One of the most visited buildings in the inner city of Perth would be "London Court" - a small shopping mall that reminds you of Old England. London Court attracts local and international visitors with its old world atmosphere and unique architectural style, in contrast to the sky scrapers that surround it.

London Court entrance in St.George´s Terrace
This wonderful building was built in 1937 in the Tudor style, for a wealthy miner and financier - Claude de Bernales, as a combination of commercial and residential property.
In 1978, the National Trust of Australia listed the building as heritage, making it impossible to change the facade and main structure of this beautiful court.

Inside the mall, the Tudor style extends to the tiled floor, narrow stairs to the upper shops and workshops, cute little lead windows, gargoyles, window boxes with flowers, shop plaques, flying banners and two knights in their armour, making a visit to this building a very special shopping experience.
There are lots of mini shops such as jewellery stores, shoe shops, souvenir and antique shops, gourmet chocolates and cafes. Even if you don´t shop here, you can wander through the open roofed arcade to admire the architecture and maybe sit down for a coffee and a pastry while you watch the crowds walk by. Several staircases lead you to the second and third floors and you are then able to admire London Court through the arched iron openings and feel yourself transported to an old era.

London Court´s retail mall links Hay street to St.George´s Terrace.
London Court in "red" on this map of Perth´s CBD
At the Hay street entrance to the mall, the clock - a replica of the "great clock" at Rouen in France,  chimes every 15 minutes. Above the clock, four knights knows as "Tournament of armoured knights" circle in the window when the clock chimes.
Hay street mall entrance to London Court
At the St.George´s terrace entrance, there is another clock, this time a replica of "Big Ben". Above this clock in a window is a miniature of St.George battling with the dragon. (1st photo)

Inside the mall - small shops with awnings and window boxes with flowers . Note the ornamental rubbish bins at left.

As you can see from the city centre map, between Hay street and Murray street, both closed to traffic, there are lots of little malls linking the two streets, but London Court is certainly the most emblematic and interesting to visit.


  1. Wow, that really is quaint looking. I know I'd have fun going there. I love lots of little shops, rather than large chain stores.

  2. This looks so quaint and it reminds me of chester in the NW of England.

    Love the way it's sanwiched betwee, is it, two skyscraper type buildings?

  3. Lovely light - I also enjoy browsing around the little shops.
    Carole - yes London Court is surrounded by high rises, which I presume were built at a later stage.

  4. What a delightful hodge podge, Sami. It looks totally out of place but it's nice to have quirky places like this.

    Love your header/ background. Very clever!

  5. Thanks Jo. My header is a photo taken at the Elevador Santa Justa in Lisbon when I was there in July. The view is beautiful.

  6. Great shots and info on London Court Sami, when we first arrived in Perth many years ago, it was one of my favourite spots to have coffee and 'people watch'.

  7. Looks lovely, and so nice to see little shops.

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