Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A - Z of Australia - M is for Mandurah

Mandurah - originally named Mandjar (meeting place) by the Noongar people who inhabited the South west of WA, was changed by the Europeans to Mandurah possibly due to mispronunciation.

Once a sleepy fishing and crabbing village, located about 70km south of Perth, Mandurah has grown to become one of the top tourist destinations in WA, with first class accommodation, an arts centre and cinema complex, good beaches and the attractive suburbs with million dollar houses built around the man made canals, that crown Mandurah as the area with the most expensive real estate in the Perth regional area.
A boat seems to be an almost compulsory attachment to the mansion
There are still some blocks of land available...just bring your boat!
Apart from a tourist destination, it is also the gateway to the Southwest region of WA, as well as being  a retiree paradise for Perth retirees, due to the good road and train connections into the city, since the opening of the Perth to Mandurah railway line in December 2007.

The centre of Mandurah is built around the Peel inlet and Harvey Estuary which is twice the size of Sydney harbour. This freshwater system feeds into the Indian Ocean, and this area is a haven for pelicans, dolphins, whales and the Blue Manna crabs that have it´s own festival -  Crabfest - held yearly in March.
There are numerous boat tours around the canals, where you might be lucky and spot a couple of dolphins. In December the must see is a Christmas lights boat cruise, when all those fancy houses put on a light show.
If you travel by car, there is plenty of free parking in the city centre and surrounds, which I find is a huge bonus for the day visitor, so don´t miss a chance to visit this iconic destination.
One of the parks on the way to Dolphi Quay shopping centre
Pedestrian bridge to the Dolphin Quay shopping and Marina
Dolphin Quay Shopping centre and Marina

Enjoy some lovely crisp fish and chips by the waterfront (or wedges as I ordered, above) 

The birds were out and about on the Flame trees

Little Venice - the canals around the blocks of apartments near the town centre
Mandurah War Memorial

Another view of some houses by the canals
Aerial view with Marina on left side, Little Venice across through the bridge and on the other side (top) view of houses by the canals.


  1. Solch ein toller Ort, da würde ich auch gerne einmal hin, doch es ist leider viel zu weg von uns...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Dankeschoen fur Ihren besuch Cloudy. Genau, Australie ist am ende der Welt, aber ein schoenes Land.

  3. Marvelous shots of Mandurah Sami, I haven't been down there for a while, really like it when I do visit though.

  4. We don´t go down there often either, we seem to visit Mandurah every time we have overseas visitors to show them the beautiful canal suburbs.

  5. Just LOVE that RED flame tree! Mandurah looks like a great place to visit - one day, one day ...

  6. Thanks for visiting RedNomad, flames trees are all over Perth and they are so beautiful...

  7. Little Venice. Interesting. Big homes!

  8. Yes, I suppose parts of Mandurah could be compared to Venice, only Venice is a lot older. Big homes to match the big bucks they cost!!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Sami. Book me in for a Crabfest.

  10. Lovely blog. I am from Mandurah myself :)

  11. Thanks for visiting Liana.


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