Saturday 18 June 2011

My interests and my first blog post

After an exciting day lesson at the University of Western Australia (extension), with the lovely Amanda - on "How to Become a Blogger", here I am writing my first post on my brand new blog!

I consider myself a world traveller - due to my husband's line of work, I follow him around, so I have lived in many countries - in Africa, Europe and now Australia. I consider myself lucky to be able to experienced different cultures, meet new people, see the world, and luckily I seem to adapt quite well to wherever I move to.

I live in Perth, a beautiful city by the river Swan on the West Coast of Australia. 
Some people consider it quiet and dull, but I love it; not being a social butterfly I prefer dinners with friends, visiting museums, walking along the river...

I am a very keen crafter, have done all sorts of art projects - oil, acrylics, watercolours, fabric, wood and glass painting. When living in Europe I ran a crafts group, but in Australia haven't been able to join one, as most clash with my working hours.
My new pastime is recycling fabric into jewellery and bags, and you will be able to see some photos of my recent work.
I enjoy photography as well, and usually carry my camera with me everywhere, taking pictures of monuments, beautiful scenery or people.

Working around the world has it's downside, because as soon as you make friends and your house is all remodelled and to your liking, it's time to uproot again, change jobs, sell house, make new friends...
Does anyone relate to this? How do you make new friends in a new country?
I hope you can join me and comment on my crafts as well.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

Gaugin - acrylic on canvas
Glass plate with gold leaf

Lady in Purple - oil on canvas


  1. Thanks Amanda, good luck with your blog too.

  2. Very nice've got talent =) Lots of kisses and congratulations for the new blog

  3. Thanks Tanya, hope to get you as a frequent visitor. xxx

  4. Great work and a very nice blog! :)
    I have to say that you inspired me to start doing the same type of bags. I love it... it is so relaxing and feels great once you have them done!!
    Now I´m looking forward to learn how to do those necklaces!! :)
    Keep up the good work and congratulations***

  5. Thanks Nadine, keep up with your crafts too xxx

  6. Dearest Sami,
    What a great introduction to the blog world!
    You are indeed a very talented person and a very lively and upbeat character.
    Yes, to the fact that you have to leave your beloved home behind after JUST completing all remodeling, and dear friends etc. etc. I can relate to very well.
    But it makes you stronger and you appreciate more what you have at any given moment. In the end, we have to leave it all behind and in that respect we are trained to say our goodbyes and letting go...

    1. Thank you Mariette, I agree that we expats are or have to become very resilient!


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